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Current Council Agenda and Past Meeting Information

Past Agendas


Meeting Date: September 24, 2002

Subject/Title: Continued Discussion on proposed Temporary Tent Sale for Tracy Daewoo

Submitted by: Mitch Oshinsky, AICP, Community Development Director

Approved by: John Stevenson, City Manager

That Council provide direction to staff as to whether the proposed Temporary Tent Sale is acceptable.

Discussion on this item was continued from the Council meeting of September 10, 2002.

If the City Council, in the preceding Agenda Item decides that temporary tent sales for out of town businesses can occur in the City, then it would be appropriate for Council to review the application of Tracy Daewoo, and direct the Community Development Director as to whether it should be approved or not. 

If the Council, in the preceding Agenda Item decides that such temporary sales are not acceptable, then Council should direct the Community Development Director to deny this application. 

In light of this item having been continued to September 24th, the applicant, Steve Kraut, has amended his request to be for the period of October 24 – 27. In response to the question from Council at the last meeting, he proposes to compact the ground on the site, and have it watered down. The 30’ X 60’ tent will not contain the cars, but it will cover the sales office area. The proposed site is the northeast corner of Brentwood Blvd. and Guthrie Lane. Hours of operation are proposed from 9 am to 9 pm. Generator powered lights will be provided for evening hours, along with trash bins, porta potty’s and 24 hour security. Please see the attached letter from Mr. Kraut for additional information.

Unknown at this time. A portion of the sales tax revenues generated from car sales would accrue to the City of Brentwood.
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