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Meeting Date: August 27, 2002

Subject/Title: Reconsideration of approval of funding joint-use project at Heritage High School for 50-meter pool/gymnasium

Submitted by: Craig D. Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation

Approved by: John Stevenson, City Manager

Reconsider whether to approve funding of the joint-use pool/gym projects at Heritage High School.

At the April 9, 2002 CIP workshop, staff was directed to return in 30 days to discuss ways the City of Brentwood and Liberty Union High School District (LUHSD) may be able to work together on the pool and gymnasium at Heritage High School. At the May 14, 2002 City Council meeting, staff requested this item be brought back for consideration at the May 28, 2002 City Council meeting. At the May 28, 2002 City Council meeting, staff requested permission to bring the item back on June 11, 2002. On June 11, 2002, City Council approved funding of $208,800 for design of 50-meter pool/gym office and storage space in conjunction with a 25-yard design paid by LUSHD. Staff was also requested to bring back a reconsideration of approval of funding the project in August.

As a part of the April 9, 2002 CIP workshop, staff reported on two joint-use projects with Liberty Union High School District that were listed in the proposed 2002/2007 CIP program as unfunded: development of a 50-meter pool; and construction of an office/storage space in the gymnasium. As these projects were unfunded, staff had requested time to work on options that could be considered by City Council. Dan Smith, LUHSD Superintendent indicated that a decision would need to be made in 30 days as LUHSD was at a point where they needed to give specific direction to their architect as to a final design. Staff was directed to return in 30 days (May 14th City Council meeting) to discuss options.

City of Brentwood and LUHSD staff developed options for consideration that would keep the joint- use projects under consideration. Staff heard very clearly from City Council that there was support for joint-use projects as long as those projects did not come at the expense of existing funded City of Brentwood Park projects. There was also concern expressed by City Council as to the state of the current economy and whether commitments to LUHSD would come at the expense of other City projects. As a result, staff looked at options that would work within both of these parameters.

At the suggestion of Dan Smith, staff concentrated on an option that would direct the architect to provide parallel designs: one for a 25-yard pool and one for a 50-meter pool. As Heritage High School is not scheduled to go out to bid until spring of 2003, there is no necessity to determine exact funding or long-term commitment until development of the 2003/2008 CIP.

Dan Smith requested and received a cost estimate from the architect for these two designs. The cost for design of the 50-meter pool is $208,800. City Council approved moving forward with this design work at the June 11th City Council meeting. One half of the design fee will be credited back to the City against funding for the project. At the time of approval, the architect indicated that if the City of Brentwood could decide for sure that they will fund the project by August 2002, then the architects would be able to consolidate designs and the cost to the City of Brentwood for the 50-meter pool would only be $97,440. As a result, staff has brought this project back for your consideration to see if you wish to move forward with a funding commitment. A funding commitment at this time would result in a savings to the City of $111,360.

If City Council approves a funding commitment, staff is recommending that a formal agreement of guiding principles be developed between the City of Brentwood and LUHSD that would formalize the joint-use project as per the following guiding principles:

• The City of Brentwood has agreed to pay $208,800 for design of a 50-meter pool/gym office and storage space in conjunction with a 25-yard design paid by LUHSD. If the City decides by August 2002 to commit funds necessary for construction, the City’s cost is reduced to $97,440.
• 50% of the design fees paid by the City would be credited against any money committed by the City of Brentwood for joint-use projects.
• City includes the pool and gym office in the City’s CIP program of $2,500,000.
• The City of Brentwood and LUHSD agree to the following financial plan:
1. LUHSD will provide the cash flow to bid and construct the 50-meter pool/gym office/storage space.
2. As “good year”* money is available in the City’s CIP program, it will be committed in July by the City by the following formula:
 July 2003 – 25% of 2002/2003 good year revenue
 July 2004 – 50% of 2003/2004 good year revenue
 July 2005 – 50% of 2004/2005 good year revenue
 July 2006 – 50% of 2005/2006 good year revenue
 July 2007 – 75% of 2006/2007 good year revenue
 July 2008 – 75% of 2007/2008 good year revenue
”good year”* revenue is money received in excess of the City of Brentwood’s conservative estimate of revenue received from Park Development fees as set by the Director of Finance and Information Services.
• If the City has not met its financial commitment by the end of the 2007/2008 CIP program, then the City will complete its commitment using other funds, by July 2009.
• The City and LUHSD will develop a long-term use agreement that guarantees City sponsored use of the joint-use facilities.

Staff believes the guiding principals provide LUHSD the framework to know that the City of Brentwood will pay for the joint-use project while making sure that no funded park projects in the approved CIP program are at risk. By sharing only “good year” revenue, it allows for City and the joint use projects to be added when the conservative estimate of revenue are exceeded.

Pam Ehler, Director of Finance and Information Systems has provided the following information for consideration:

• The City of Brentwood Park Development fund started fiscal year 2002/2003 with $750,000 more than was anticipated
• The City has based the 2002/2003 CIP program on 850 building permits. The City issued 162 building permits in July 2002

Pam Ehler believes that funding these projects at this time is doable and will be available at the City Council meeting to answer any questions you may have from a financial standpoint.

$2,500,000 commitment in 2003/2008 CIP program if approved as per above mentioned guiding principles.

CIP Sheet for Heritage High School Joint Use Community Gymnasium Project
CIP Sheet for Heritage High School Community Joint Use Pool
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