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Meeting Date: July 9, 2002

Subject/Title: East County Youth Center

Submitted by: John Stevenson, City Manager

Council input to staff on the concept of a Regional youth Center benefiting the East County communities of Oakley, Antioch, Brentwood, Knightsen, Bethel Island, and Discovery Bay, and whether to lend support towards the development of a collaborative grant application to seek funding for the project.


East County, with its growing youth population, is short of facilities and youth activities. Mayor of East County Cities and State of California representatives have started discussions towards creation of an East County Youth Center that would provide facilities for sports and would also provide facilities for school-related activities such as tutoring and school projects.

State Senator Tom Torlakson is working with East County jurisdictions to develop support for the project. At this time, Senator Torlakson is not requesting funds from the City of Brentwood, but is requesting the support and participation of the City of Brentwood through endorsement of the project and also commitment of staff time for development of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the participating jurisdictions.

Senator Torlakson believes Brentwood (and specifically an unspecified location on Lone Tree Way) to be an ideal location for the youth center and is talking with companies to partner for the land, operations and construction funds. City staff and high school staff have reserved space for this facility on the new high school site adjacent to the new middle school (on Balfour Road west of Concord Avenue). This location would save land purchase money and maximize return on investment.

Staff has received comments from numerous sources suggesting that Brentwood is going to purchase and donate the land, pay for the annual maintenance and/or assist in the cost of construction of this facility. All of these are major expenses not currently included in our Budget, Capital Improvement Program or the Parks Master Plan. Staff would like direction from Council on the level of interest and support for this project. If the Council supports the project, staff would like confirmation that while we support this project, Brentwood’s contribution towards it is no more or no less than that of the Cities of Antioch or Oakley.


Letter from Senator Tom Torlakson

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