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Meeting Date: June 25, 2002

Subject/Title: Authorize the City Manager to enter into a Professional Services Agreement with Green Leaf Mapping and Control Systems for landscape water use management.

Submitted by: Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation
Ken De Silva, Park Services Manager

Approved by: John Stevenson, City Manager

Authorize the City Manager to enter into a Professional Services Agreement with Green Leaf Mapping and Control Systems for landscape water use management.

Item was discussed at the City Council meeting of June 11, 2002; staff was requested to bring back to Council on June 25, 2002.

As a result of the June 11, 2002 Council meeting, staff was directed to work with the Consultant on an appropriate way that would guarantee a cost savings to the City of Brentwood. 

There are numerous benefits of this proposal for auditing landscape water use that are not just associated with the water savings. 

· The Parks Division is currently operating a Computerized Maintenance Management System. The digitized information gathered by Green Leaf will be an important component of accurate reporting, and tracking, of information used by this program.
· Information gathered by Green Leaf will allow the City of Brentwood to compete for grants related to further upgrading our existing irrigation system to work with our Computer monitoring equipment. The information gathered on precipitation rates will allow us to score higher on the scoring process.
· Public perception of the City’s water management practices will not only demonstrate that the City is trying to be a good Steward of our natural resources but will also set a good example for the citizens to follow.

Staff has met with Dave Mac Leroy of Green Leaf Mapping and Control Systems and Mr. Mac Leroy has indicated he would be willing to enter into a shared savings agreement with the City of Brentwood as per the following guiding principals:

· Phase I - Green Leaf will perform the initial setup of the water management and quality control program. Total expense = $56,604.
o Digitizing landscape zones, controllers and backflow devices - $43,282.
o Digitizing inspection zones and database development for Landscape Quality Assessments - $5,519.
o 100% surveys and completion measurements - $7,802.

· City will hire Green Leaf Mapping to perform phase one for $56, 604 to be completed within 4 months of the start of the contract.
· Phase II - Green Leaf will provide the City of Brentwood a monthly water management component of the program at no charge to the City of Brentwood. The previous fee to perform this work was $45,468.
o Water management, Refinement and Documentation - $3,789 monthly or $45,468/year.
· The City of Brentwood will hire Green Leaf Mapping to perform phase II, which was budgeted at $45,468 per year, at no charge to the City. In return, Green Leaf Mapping will share 50/50 in cost savings from water/plant/landscape savings for a period of three years.

The City will get the same service for $56, 604 that was originally proposed as budgeted at $102,072. The City of Brentwood also realizes a 50% cost savings for any savings as a result of Green Leaf’s work. MCE Corporation (the City’s Landscape maintenance company) will be required to comply with the recommended strategies associated with this program or must explain exceptions in writing.

Approval of this proposal will authorize the City Manager to enter into a Professional Services Agreement with Green Leaf Mapping and Control Systems effective July 1, 2002 as per the above mentioned guiding principals.

The amount of $56,604 will be charged to identified LLD and Park budgets and their respective account codes. These fees have been factored into the respective budgets for fiscal year 2002/2003. 

Proposal from Green Leaf mapping and Control Systems
Costs Summary of Water Conservation and Quality Assessments

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