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Current Council Agenda and Past Meeting Information

Past Agendas


Meeting Date: June 11, 2002

Subject/Title: Discussion and approval of Park & Recreation Commission recommendations for naming of specific park sites

Submitted by: Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation
Ken De Silva, Park Services Manager

Approved by: John Stevenson, City Manager

Discuss and approve park names as submitted by the Parks and Recreation Commission.

On June 12, 2001, City Council approved a standardized policy for the naming/dedication of City facilities. On September 18, 2001, City Council approved the naming of 14 city park facilities and directed the Park and Recreation Commission to return as new parks are considered, specifically considering names for City Park and the new neighborhood park in the Pulte Brentwood Park subdivision.

The City of Brentwood Park and Recreation Commission met, at its regular meeting of May 23, 2002, to discuss recommendations made by the facility naming sub-committee regarding a number of park facilities. Specifically the commission discussed the following park sites and is recommending City Council approval as indicated:

Current Name Suggested Name Reason
Pulte’s Brentwood Park Subdivision Arbor View Park Variety of trees in the two parks that will constitute a wide variety of trees used in the City.
Heritage Park (in Spa L) Miwok Park As this park connects north and south to other parks and trails, this park could be named after the Native American Indian tribe that was once in this area. With the trail connections, a variety of interpretive opportunities would be available to highlight Native American History in the area.
Brookfield West Park Balfour-Guthrie Park The naming of this park on Balfour Road would be in honor of the company that established Brentwood Irrigated Farms and would reference it’s location on Balfour Road.
Sun Cal Park Oak Meadow Park Oak trees are native to the hills in this area and are a feature in it’s design.
William Lyon’s Homes @ Yamanaka Heron Park This park will be adjacent to a detention basin that is expected to have water at various times during the year (much like the detention basins on Sellers Avenue). Heron’s will be a frequent visitor to this park and surrounding area.

The Commission discussed, as directed by City Council, names for City Park. As the park is currently under a conceptual plan design, the commission is recommending that consideration of the park name should be held at the time of final design approval.

The Commission also discussed whether the park that will be built behind the Family Aquatic Complex should have a separate name. A number of different names were consider, including: Family Park; La Familia Park; Central Park; Community Park; Comunidad Park. The Commission is recommending that a specific name for the park is not necessary at this time as reference to the aquatic complex and/or skate park by separate names will only confuse people’s reference to the area. It is expected that the park will end up simply being referred to as “The pool park” or the park behind the pool. If it becomes important at a later date to move away from calling the site anything other than the Family Aquatic Complex, the Commission can reconsider a name at that time.

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