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Meeting Date: May 14, 2002 

Subject/Title: Consideration of Reconfigured Study Areas for the Downtown Parking Study 

Submitted by: Howard Sword, Economic Development Director

Approved by: John Stevenson, Executive Director

Consider reconfigured study areas for the Downtown Parking Study. 

In early 2001, the Redevelopment Agency and staff met for the purpose of developing a potential list of redevelopment projects. One of the dozen projects identified included the development of a parking structure in the Downtown area, possibly incorporating retail and restaurant uses on the street level.

Focusing on a nine-block area of the Downtown, staff prepared a parking count of existing and proposed stalls, calculated the total building square footage, and gathered student and employee counts for the neighboring high school, library, community center and city hall. Based on this information and input from Agency Members, four parking study areas were identified.

On January 22, 2002, the Redevelopment Agency added a fifth study area and directed staff to proceed with solicitation of qualifications and proposals. RFQ&Ps were mailed out on February 4, and three qualified consultants responded. The proposals were presented to the Redevelopment Subcommittee on March 14. On April 9, 2002, the Redevelopment Agency authorized staff to execute a services contract with Watry Design, Inc.

On April 18, 2002, the Redevelopment Subcommittee met with Watry Design and staff for the official kick-off meeting for the study, and to share initial ideas and collect data. The Subcommittee requested that long-term parking solutions be the primary focus of the study. Consequently, in an effort to accommodate parking structure solutions, the Subcommittee recommended a reconfiguration of the study areas as follows (revised map is attached):

· Maintain Study Area 1 as is.
· Expand Study Area 2 to include the most northerly parcel in the block.
· Delete Study Area 3 from the study since it cannot accommodate a structure.
· Expand Study Area 4 to include parcels to the north, west and south of the original area.
· Consider whether to eliminate or maintain Study Area 5 as part of the study.

At this time, staff is requesting action by the Agency to reconfigure the study areas as recommended by the Redevelopment Subcommittee as described above, and to provide staff direction regarding eliminating or maintaining Study Area 5 as part of the study. 

The fiscal impact will be commensurate with expanding or changing the scope of services for Watry Design and Associated Right of Way, as the scope is changed and study areas are reconfigured by direction of the Subcommittee or Agency. The Agency’s 2001 Tax Allocation Bond Proceeds will be used to fund such costs.

Attachments: Maps (2)