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Meeting Date: May 14, 2002

Subject/Title: City Council providing directive to Staff regarding Tentative Subdivision Map No. 7882, Shea Homes, custom homes requirement per PD-22 Zoning

Submitted by: Engineering: B. Grewal /B. Bornstein
Community Development: M. Oshinsky 

Approved by: John Stevenson, City Manager

City Council to hold discussion and direct staff on whether to proceed with amending the PD-22 Zoning requirement that Shea Homes (Tentative Subdivision Map No. 7882) build custom homes on 23 lots on the southwesterly portion of the property adjacent to the City Limits and north of Brookfield Homes development.

On December 21, 1993, by Resolution No. 93-59, the Planning Commission approved Tentative Subdivision Map No. 7882, with conditions; and

On April 21, 1998, March 16, 1999, and April 18, 2000, the Planning Commission approved amendments to the Conditions of Approval for Resolution No. 93-59; and

On January 9, 2001, the City Council approved the Final Map of Subdivision No. 7882, Shea Homes, for 277 lots.

Shea Homes as a Condition of Approval for Tentative Subdivision Map No. 7882, is required to comply with all standards and regulations stated or referenced in the Brentwood Municipal Code Chapter 17.472 (PD-22). In this chapter it is clearly indicated that the lots in the southwesterly corner of the property are designated for custom homes for a total of 23 lots. Shea Homes has requested the City amend this zoning requirement and allow Shea Homes to build lots similar to the other 254 lots being developed on the property. These lots are processed through the Standard Design Review process of which a few floor plans are used for an entire development area. The lots were designated as “custom” since the property is on the periphery of the City and the terrain is hilly. The purpose was to minimize grading and design the lots/units to fit the terrain as similar to Hancock’s Brentwood Lakes development. Staff needs guidance from City Council on whether or not we should process this change. If the City Council wants to proceed with this change to PD-22, then staff would recommend that Council direct staff to negotiate what amenities Shea Homes should provide the City in exchange for this change. Staff suggests Shea Homes provide funding of City programs as an amenity for this proposed change and that the amount be approximately $10,000 per lot. Some of the programs may include: Low Income Housing, Roadway Improvements, Art Commission, and Economic Development contributions. If staff is given the directive to amend PD-22, this will require two public hearings and notices to property owners nearby and approval by the Planning Commission, and then final approval by the City Council.


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