Brentwood City Hall

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Central Park Gazebo


May 14, 2002 at 7:30 P.M.

City Council Chamber
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

Roll Call 

A. Proclamation proclaiming May, 2002 as Veterans Appreciation Month.
B. Proclamation proclaiming May 8, 2002 as Day of the Teacher.
C. New Employee Introductions and Oath of Allegiance.


Persons addressing the City Council are required to limit their remarks to five (5) minutes unless an extension of time is granted by the Mayor subject to approval of the Council. Please file your name with the Mayor on the form provided at the podium. Speakers desiring answers to questions should direct it to the Council and, if relevant, the Council may direct it to the appropriate staff member.

All matters listed on the consent calendar are considered routine in nature and will be enacted by one motion. If discussion is required, that particular item will be removed from the consent calendar and will be considered separately.

1. Approve Minutes of April 18, 2002. (K. Diaz)

2. Approve Minutes of April 23, 2002. (K. Diaz)

3. Reject claim presented by Sandra Perley. (K. Diaz)

4. Approve a Resolution declaring the intent to order improvements for the Consolidated Landscape & Lighting Assessment Districts and the Citywide Park Maintenance District No. 98-1 for fiscal year 2002/2003 and set a date of July 9, 2002, at 7:30 p.m. for the public hearing pursuant to the Landscaping and Lighting Act of 1972 and Proposition 218. (B. Grewal/D. Galey).

5. Approve a Resolution approving Purchase Agreement with East Contra Costa Irrigation District (ECCID), for real property identified as two fifteen foot ECCID Canals, generally located on the east side of Empire Avenue and north side of Lone Tree Way for the Northwest Quadrant Infrastructure, CIP 336-3127. (B. Grewal/M. Kirby)

6. Approve a Resolution revising Council/Administrative Policy No. 70-2, Injury Prevention Program to update and rename the policy as the Injury and Illness Prevention Plan. (J. Stevenson/P. Standley)

7. Approve a Resolution authorizing the submittal of a grant proposal to the State of California Department of Parks and Recreation Murray-Hayden Urban Parks and Youth Service Program under the Safe Neighborhood Parks, Clean Water, Clean Air, and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2000 (Proposition 12). (P. Ehler/K. Wahl/C. Bronzan)

8. Approve a Resolution authorizing the City Manager to enter into agreement of purchase and sale with Brentwood Union School District for $225,000 to purchase five acres for a neighborhood park. (C. Bronzan)

9. Accept informational report from Liberty Union High School District and City of Brentwood staff regarding update on joint-use projects at Heritage High School. (C. Bronzan)

10. Approve a Resolution to adopt the classification description and salary range for Grant Writer to establish a classification series. (J. Stevenson/P. Ehler/P. Standley)

11. Approve a Resolution approving the Final Map of Subdivision No. 8453, Sterling Preserve, Meritage Homes, located north of Grant Street and east of Fairview Avenue; accepting the improvements security, approving the Subdivision Improvement Agreement and authorizing the mayor and City Clerk to execute the same. (B. Grewal/D. Boskovic)

12. Approve a Resolution to execute an Agreement with the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) to construct an at-grade railroad crossing at the proposed extension of Sand Creek Road, CIP Project No. 336-3061. (B. Grewal/B. Bornstein)

13. Approve second reading and adoption of Ordinance 703 for an amendment to the PD-24 (Planned Development No. 24) Zone to establish development standards for Sub Area A (APN 010-150-034). (M. Oshinsky/E. Nolthenius)

14. Authorize the City Manager to execute a contract in the amount of $190,681 with Vavrinek, Trine, Day, & Co., LLP for services to include the city audit and Redevelopment Agency audit for the fiscal years 2001/02 through 2005/06, CAFR preparation, and the Government Accounting Standard Board's new financial reporting model (GASB 34) update and implementation. (P. Ehler)

Persons addressing the Council are asked to file their name with the Mayor on the form provided at the podium. The Council may adopt reasonable regulations at the onset of the public hearing to facilitate public testimony. These regulations may include time limits. In the absence of such regulations, the public hearing shall follow the protocol for Citizen Comments.

15. Consideration of the following Resolutions and Ordinance regarding citywide CFD No. 2 for fire services, open space facilities, and flood & storm drain services:
a. A Resolution declaring the formation of the establishment of the City of Brentwood Community Facilities District No. 2 to levy a special tax therein to finance certain public improvements.
b. A Resolution declaring the necessity to incur bonded indebtedness
c. A Resolution calling for a special election.
d. A Resolution declaring the special election results.
e. Introduction of an Ordinance to levy the special taxes. (J.Stevenson/P.Ehler)

16. Consideration of an Ordinance amending Chapter 5.24 of Brentwood Municipal Code Re : Cable Franchise. ( B. Grewal/S. Gronlund)


17. Update on Apple Hill trail connection under Apple Hill Drive bridge (C. Bronzan/D. Beougher)


18. Approve a Resolution to Consent and Call a Joint Public Hearing on the Proposed Amendment to the Merged Brentwood and North Brentwood Redevelopment Plans and the Final Negative Declaration. (G. Rozenski)

19. Approve a Resolution Electing to Receive all the Tax Revenues allocated to the Agency attributable to Tax Rate Increases imposed for the City and Annual Assessed Value Increases Calculated in the North Brentwood Proposed Added Area. (G. Rozenski)

20. Discussion and provide direction on whether to proceed with amending the PD-22 Zoning requirement that Shea Homes (Tentative Subdivision Map No. 7882) build custom homes on 23 lots on the southwesterly portion of the property adjacent to the City Limits and north of Brookfield Homes development. (B. Grewal/B. Bornstein/M. Oshinsky)






In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance to participate in this meeting, please contact the Chief Building Official (925) 516-5405. Notification 48 hours prior to the meeting will enable the City to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to this meeting. {28 CFR 35.102-35.104 ADA Title II}