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Meeting Date: March 12, 2002

Subject/Title: Approve an agreement with RRM Design for revision to professional services agreement for Park, Trails, and Recreation Master Plan update.

Submitted by: Craig D. Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation

Approved by: John Stevenson, City Manager

Approve revision to professional services agreement with RRM Design for Master Plan update.

On February 8, 2000, the City Council approved a professional services agreement with RRM Design, not to exceed $80,000, for revision of the Park, Trails and Recreation Master Plan. On September 28, 2000, City Council approved a revision to the agreement with RRM, not to exceed an additional $47,200.

The Park, Trails and Recreation Master Plan (PTRMP) was intended to shadow the General Plan update and was expected originally to be completed at the same time in October 2000. As City Council is aware, the General Plan expanded its scope, both in substance and time from the original proposal. As a result, much of the information from the General Plan update that needed to be incorporated into the PTRMP did not happen as fast as anticipated. A revision to the original contract with RRM Design for the PTRMP became necessary, which was approved by City Council in September 2000. When staff brought the amendment to the contract with RRM forward, it was anticipated that the general plan would be completed in late December 2000/early January 2001. It took nearly a year past that time for the general plan to finally get completed.

During this time, the PTRMP sat, with minor updates/additions while the general plan was completed. RRM continued to work with the general plan consultants MIG throughout this time, making sure the PTRMP stayed consistent with the general plan. RRM assisted MIG with the majority of the map work related to circulation and off street/trail connections. RRM also conducted a workshop with City Council and the Park and Recreation Commission in November 2001, with final revisions accepted by City Council on February 12, 2002.

Staff and RRM are now ready to finish the environmental work for the Park, Trails and Recreation Master Plan through final adoption/approval by City Council. RRM has given staff the costs to complete the work and staff is recommending approval of a revision to the professional services agreement to make this happen.

Staff recommendation for a revision to the contract with RRM for a “Not To Exceed $10,000”, which provides for a 14% contingency for additional reimbursable work as determined by the City. Funds are budgeted in the 2001/2002 approved Park Planning Contractual Services budget for this project.

Attachment: RRM Proposal

March 4, 2002

Mr. Craig Bronzan
Director of Parks and Recreation
City of Brentwood
150 City Park Way
Brentwood, CA 94513-1396

RE City of Brentwood Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update
REVISED Request for Additional Service Authorization

Dear Craig,

Per your request, this letter revises and replaces our February 28, 2002, letter requesting additional service authorization. As you are aware, the process for creating the Brentwood Park and Recreation Master Plan has extended well beyond the original and amended scope and schedule. This was due to the need to coordinate with the General Plan Update process as well as to allow several additional opportunities for review meetings and hearings. With revisions to the General Plan Update approved, we are now at a point where we can finalize the Master Plan, complete the mitigated negative declaration, and send the Master Plan to the various City bodies for adoption. Per your request, I have prepared this letter outlining what services and additional fees are required to complete the Park and Recreation Mater Plan. 

We have implemented revisions to the document in response to reviews by the City Council (November 13, 2001, meeting), and the Park and Recreation Commission (November 29, 2001, meeting), and City staff. The tasks below pick up from that point. The tasks start with the letter designation "W" which follows Task "V" outlined in our September 6, 2000, letter to you. 
Task W. Modify Master Plan Maps
RRM will update the map titled Planning Boundaries, Figure 2.1.2 and the map titled Existing and Proposed Parks and Trail, Figure 3.1.4 of the Master Plan. This task includes one meeting with City Parks Department and Planning staff to review the mapping and establish the extent of necessary changes, if any.
Task X. Compile and Prepare for Printing the CEQA Draft of the Master Plan Document
RRM will compile, format, and coordinate printing of the document. This run will be set up to be printed in black and white.
Task Y. CEQA Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration
The initial study prepared under the original contract will be revised to be consistent with the General Plan Update and a Mitigated Negative Declaration will be prepared. RRM will receive and compile comments and prepare a staff report regarding these comments. Please note that Tasks T.3 and T.4 listed in our September 6, 2000, letter included preparation of staff reports and compilation of comments received as a result of the CEQA process. However, RRM's time incurred in receiving comments on the October 26, 2000, Administrative Draft, which was widely distributed for comment, was applied to those two tasks. The comments were compiled in a document dated November 9, 2000, titled Stakeholder Comments, which has been distributed to both the Park and Recreation Commission and the City Council.
Task Z. Distribute Master Plan and Mitigated Negative Declaration
Using address labels provided by the City and pre-printed with the addresses of the recipients, RRM will package and distribute the documents to up to approximately 50 recipients.
Task AA. Commission and Council Meetings
RRM will attend one Park and Recreation Commission Hearing, one Planning Commission Hearing, and one City Council Meeting during the plan adoption process.

RRM will provide the services outlined above for the following fees:

Task Description FEE BUDGET
Task W Modify Master Plan Maps $880.00 $880.00
Task X Compile and Prepare for Printing the CEQA Draft of the Master Plan Document $550.00(Excluding Printing) $550.00
Task Y CEQA Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration $3,500.00 $3,500.00
Task Z Distribute Master Plan and Mitigated Negative Declaration $650.00 $650.00

Task AA Commission and Council Meetings Hourly $2700.00
Reimbursable ExpensesThis does not include the cost of printing and distributing the document. Once the final quantity of documents is determined, RRM will provide an estimate of these costs prior to printing and distribution. $500.00
Total Budget $8,780.00

Hourly Tasks: In providing tasks that are being charged on an hourly plus expense basis, RRM will evaluate the most cost effective and timely method in which to achieve results. These tasks are proposed as hourly tasks to allow the City and RRM to work together as required to fit the appropriate level of service to the task at hand. The budgets provided above are based on RRM's current understanding of what the City requires for the associated task. Due to the many variables associated with these tasks, the budgets should not be considered as fixed fees or maximum fees; rather, they should be considered as amounts not-to-exceed without further authorization. As such, the City may find it desirable to authorize a contingency in addition to these budgets. This would allow budget increases, if necessary, to be handled administratively and not require another contract amendment. During the course of providing services under the hourly tasks, RRM will notify the City if it appears that the work effort to provide requested services will exceed this initial budget so that the appropriate authorization can be obtained.


Please note that the fees proposed above for Task W through Task AA do not include reimbursable expenses nor do they include the cost of printing the CEQA draft or final version of the document. A separate budget of $500 is proposed above to cover ordinary reimbursable expenses associated with providing the services of tasks W through AA. This budget is in addition to the remaining reimbursable expense budget authorized with our September 6, 2000, letter, which has a balance of about $2800.00. This balance plus the $500 indicated above should cover ordinary reimbursable expenses such as travel, general printing and reproduction costs, and special delivery services plus the cost of printing and mailing (certified, return receipt) up to 50 copies of the CEQA draft of the document and the appendices. This amount may not cover the cost of printing the final version of the Master Plan once it has been adopted.


Pursuant to Section 7 of RRM’s contract with the City, RRM’s contract must be amended in writing prior to providing additional services. It is intended that this document, once executed by the undersigned, serve as this amendment. If the City requires other or additional forms to implement this amendment, this letter can serve as an exhibit to those forms. 

As always Craig, working with you and other City staff is a great pleasure. This process has been fun and thorough. We literally have moved this project from "A" to "Z", or perhaps from "Task A" to "Task AA". The result is a master plan of which we can all be proud. We look forward to continuing our professional relationship with you, and thank you for the opportunity to do so.

Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions regarding this proposed contract amendment.

RRM Design GroupWarren R. McClungDirector of Planning and Landscape Architecture RRM Design GroupJohn B. Wilbanks, AICPPrincipal

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