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Meeting Date: February 26, 2002

Subject/Title: Set the date for the appeal of Design Review No. 01-32 Lone Tree Center.

Submitted by: Community Development (Oshinsky/Zilm) 

Approved by: John Steveson, City Manager


Set March 12, 2002 as the public hearing date to consider the appeal by Mayor McPoland.


On February 5, 2002 the Planning Commission held a public hearing to consider Design Review No. 01-32 for the Lone Tree Center to allow for the construction of a 158,500 sq. ft. retail shopping center. The Commission voted 5 – 0 to approve this Design Review application. 

By the attached letter dated February 11, 2002, as required by the Zoning Code Section 17.880.003 D, Mayor McPoland submitted a written statement as to where he believes there was an error or abuse of discretion made by the Planning Commission in the consideration and action on the matter being appealed. Per Zoning Code Sections 17.880.002 and 003 B and E (Appeal Procedure and Set Hearing) the applicant’s appeal letter is being forwarded to the City Council. It is recommended that the City Council set March 12, 2002 as the date for the public hearing on the appeal request.


1. Letter from Mayor McPoland, dated February 11, 2002.

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