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Meeting Date: January 22, 2002

Subject/Title: Solicitation of Comments from Agency Members Regarding Request for Qualifications and Proposals of Consultants for Downtown Parking Study

Submitted by: Gina Rozenski, Redevelopment Analyst

Approved by: John Stevenson, Executive Director


In early 2001, the Redevelopment Agency and staff met for the purpose of developing a potential list of redevelopment projects. One of the dozen projects identified included the development of a parking structure in the Downtown area, possibly incorporating retail and restaurant uses on the street level.

Focusing on a nine-block area of the Downtown, staff prepared a parking count of existing and proposed stalls, calculated the total building square footage, and gathered student and employee counts for the neighboring high school, library, community center and city hall. Based on this information and input from Agency Members, four parking study areas have been identified.

Due to the identified parking constraints in our Downtown area, staff will embark on gathering more information by requesting qualifications and proposals from interested parties to conduct a parking study of the Downtown area. 

The scope and timing of the study are included in the attached draft solicitation letter. Also attached is the Proposed Downtown Parking Plan map that reflects the four study areas.

At this time, staff is not requesting action by the Agency; rather staff requests comments from the Agency Members concerning the:

1. Proposed scope of the study;
2. Whether additional study areas should be included;
3. If the Agency Members know of other consultants who the request should be sent; and
4. If the timing of the study is adequate, should time be shortened or lengthened.

There will be no fiscal impact for staff to send requests for qualifications and proposals, and to gather information.

As you may recall, the Agency staff has requested a written opinion from the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) concerning decisions by the Council and Agency in connection with the proposed amendment of the merged redevelopment plans. However, this written opinion is only regarding the plan amendment process, not specific redevelopment projects. 

As it relates to conflicts of interest in connection with specific redevelopment projects, such as implementing an alternative recommended by the Downtown Parking Study, whether an Agency member can participate in decisions will be determined by whether the specific decision will have a material effect on the financial interest of the member. Each project implementation decision must be considered on the basis of their particular facts. At this time, staff is not requesting the Agency to make a decision, obligate or commit the Agency to any course of action or enter into any contractual agreement. At such time that the proposed study evolves into a designated redevelopment project, staff will request the city attorney or special legal counsel to advise on the participation in decisions regarding the specific redevelopment project by the Agency Members.

Attachments: Draft RFQ & P
Maps (2)


1) Watry Design Group, Inc.
2) International Parking Design, Inc.
3) Walker Parking Consultants
4) Wilbur Smith Associates

RE: Request for Qualifications and Proposal for Downtown Parking Study


The Brentwood Redevelopment Agency is soliciting qualifications and proposals from interested parties to be considered for selection as consultant to conduct a parking study of the Brentwood Downtown Area. Enclosed are two maps showing the Downtown Parking Study Area and the Proposed Downtown Parking Plan.

Four potential parking sites have been identified for the study as reflected on the Parking Plan. The scope of the study shall include survey and identification of the areaís parking constraints and needs; determination of parking efficiencies related to placement and in relation to demand; proposed alternatives and solutions including below grade, surface level and structure parking; identification of potential parking design and mix with retail and office uses; property assemblage and construction costs; financing methods and strategies; and architectural and landscaping treatments. 

If you wish to be selected as the consultant for this study, please submit your firmís qualifications and references, and your study proposal and fee, no later than (three weeks from date of this letter). After proposals are submitted, the selected consultant will enter into a professional services agreement with the Brentwood Redevelopment Agency to complete the study within a three-month period.

We look forward to receiving your firmís qualifications and proposal. Please feel free to contact Howard Sword, Economic Development Director, or me to discuss all pertinent matters related to this study at (925) 240-2502.


Gina Rozenski
Redevelopment Analyst



∑ Survey and identify the Downtown Areaís parking constraints and needs.
∑ Determine parking efficiencies related to placement in relation to demand.
∑ Propose alternatives and solutions including below grade, surface level and structure parking.
∑ Identify potential parking designs and mix with retail and office uses.
∑ Estimate costs of parking alternatives including property assemblage and construction.
∑ Propose financing methods and strategies.
∑ Recommend architectural and landscaping treatments.
∑ Completion of study and delivery of report: 90 days.


∑ Existing parking: 618
∑ Proposed parking: 66
∑ Existing and proposed parking: 684
∑ Total building square footage: 269,532 (nine block area)
∑ Library square footage: 4,600
∑ Library employees: 10
∑ City Hall square footage: 13,952
∑ City Hall employees: 71
∑ Delta Community Center square footage: 13,877
∑ Total Liberty High School staff: 262
∑ Total Liberty High students: 1,976
o Junior students: 483
o Senior students: 308
∑ Existing parking stalls on Liberty High site: 352
∑ Proposed Liberty High south parking lot stalls: 125

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