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Central Park Gazebo


January 22, 2002 at 7:00 P.M.

Summerset III
1680 Regent Drive
Brentwood, CA 94513

Pledge of Allegiance Beginning Resolution No. 2442
Roll Call Beginning Ordinance No. 696


A. Update report by Supervisor Donna Gerber.
B. East Bay Regional Park District March 5, 2002 ballot measure.
C. Measure A" the Contra Costa Community College District Bond Measure by Dr. Raul Rodriguez, President of Los Medanos College.
D. FBI Academy update. (M. Davies)


Persons addressing the City Council are required to limit their remarks to five (5) minutes unless an extension of time is granted by the Mayor subject to approval of the Council. Please file your name and address with the Mayor on the form provided at the podium. Speakers desiring answers to questions should direct it to the Council and, if relevant, the Council may direct it to the appropriate staff member.

All matters listed on the consent calendar are considered routine in nature and will be enacted by one motion. If discussion is required, that particular item will be removed from the consent calendar and will be considered separately.

1. Approve Minutes of January 8, 2002. (K. Diaz)

2. Reject Claim presented by Shawnie & Gerardo Orozco. (K. Diaz)

3. Reject Claim presented by State Farm Insurance for Adam Simas. (K. Diaz)

4. Reject Claim presented by Leyla Aminsorkhi. (K. Diaz)

5. Approve a Resolution authorizing the City Manager to purchase a 2002 automated side loader garbage truck from Oakland Truck Center, Inc. for the Solid Waste division at a cost not to exceed $159,046.31. (P.Ehler/B.Bridgen)

6. Approve a Resolution authorizing the donation of a 1989 surplus Ford Escort to the Liberty High School for the use a teaching tool by the Auto Mechanics class. (P. Ehler/B. Bridgen)

7. Approve a Resolution supporting Proposition 42, which will require gasoline sales tax paid at the pump to be used to improve the California Transportation System. (K. Diaz)

8. Approve a Resolution approving the Final Map of Subdivision No. 8480, Deer Ridge Country Club, Village B-2-A, Western Pacific Housing, located south of Balfour Road and west of Foothill Drive, accepting the improvement security, approving the Subdivision Improvement Agreement and authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute all documents related to this final map and Subdivision Improvement Agreement. (B. Grewal/B. Bornstein)

9. Approve a Resolution designating Francisco & Associates, Inc. as Engineer of Work for Lighting and Landscape Assessment Districts and the Citywide Park Maintenance District for the 2002/2003 fiscal year. (B. Grewal/D. Galey)

10. Approve a Resolution authorizing the City Manager to approve right of way services provided by Associated Right of Way Services, Inc. in an amount not to exceed $185,500 for the Northwest Quadrant Infrastructure Project, CIP No. 336-3127. (B. Grewal/M. Kirby)

11. Approve a Resolution authorizing the City Manager to approve right of way services provided by Associated Right of Way Services, Inc. in an amount not to exceed $133,100 for the Sand Creek Road Project, CIP No. 336-3061. (B. Grewal/M. Kirby)

12. Approve a Resolution authorizing the City Manager to award Professional Services Contracts to RGM and Associates for construction management services and to BKF Engineers Surveyors Planners for civil design services for the new police station, CIP No. 336-3110. (B. Grewal/M. Huber/M. Davies/K. King)

13. Approve an appropriation in the amount of $13,981 for the City’s proportionate share of cost for the Contra Costa Shaping Our Future Study. (M. Oshinksky)

14. Approve a Resolution authorizing the City to participate in co-funding the Police Activities League (P.A.L.) program for the 2001/02 budget year by providing a $50,000 grant. (P. Ehler) 

Persons addressing the Council are asked to file their name and address with the Mayor on the form provided at the podium. The Council may adopt reasonable regulations at the onset of the public hearing to facilitate public testimony. These regulations may include time limits. In the absence of such regulations, the public hearing shall follow the protocol for Citizen Comments.

15. Consideration of an appeal for Conditional Use Permit No. 01-08, to construct a church located at the northeast corner of Fairview Avenue and Central Boulevard. Continued from January 8, 2002. (M. Oshinsky/J. Zilm)

16. Consideration of an Ordinance amending Municipal Code Chapter 9.32 pertaining to Unnecessary Noise. Continued from January 8, 2002. (M. Oshinsky/J. Zilm)

17. Consideration of a Resolution approving the issuance of multifamily housing revenue bonds by the California Statewide Communities Development Authority. (D. Beougher) 

18. Consideration of an Ordinance amending Title 2, Chapter 2.24; Section 2.25.050 of the Municipal Code Pertaining to Appointments and Promotions. (D. Beougher)


19. Reconsideration of conceptual park design for Balfour Road Park, CIP 522-5221 to include a community building. (C. Bronzan)


20. Approve a Resolution authorizing the City Manager to approve a contract with the East Diablo Fire Protection District in the amount of $784,000 for costs associated with the increase of 24-hour firefighter crews in Brentwood Fire Station Nos. 52 and 54 from two firefighters to three firefighters. (J. Stevenson)

21. Conflict of interest issues regarding City Council Members in relationship to proposed Redevelopment Plan Amendment process. (G. Rozenski)

22. Approve a Resolution determining that formation of a Project Area Committee is necessary for the Proposed Amendment to the Brentwood and North Brentwood Redevelopment Plans, and approving and adopting procedures for the formation and election of a Project Area Committee. (G. Rozenski)






In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance to participate in this meeting, please contact the Chief Building Official (925) 516-5405. Notification 48 hours prior to the meeting will enable the City to make reasonable arrangements o ensure accessibility to this meeting. {28 CFR 35.102-35.104 ADA Title II}

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