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Meeting Date: December 11, 2001

Subject/Title: Discussion and consideration of reorganizing City Council standing subcommittees

Submitted by: Mayor Michael McPoland 

Prepared by: Dennis Beougher, City Attorney

Approved by: John Stevenson, City Manager

The proposed recommendation is as follows:

Standing Subcommittees:
Economic Development/Redevelopment
Residential Growth Management/Housing 
School Inter-Agency

Ad Hoc Committees (single one time issue):
Police Station
Fire Study

Disband, with the opportunity to form ad hoc committees on an as-needed-basis:
Capital Improvement
Community Liaison
Public Safety
Solid Waste
Water & Sewer

The subcommittees listed above were created by City Council actions and must be disbanded by the City Council.

The Mayor has requested the City Council consider reorganization of the standing subcommittees.

In cities with elected mayors, the mayor, with the approval of the city council, makes all appointments to boards, commissions, and committees unless otherwise specifically provided by statute. Government Code §40605. Brentwood has used various standing subcommittees to make the Council meetings more efficient and effective. 

The Brown Act requires standing city council subcommittees to be open and noticed meetings. Government Code §54954. Meetings of advisory committees or standing committees for which an agenda is posted at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting are considered as regular meetings of the legislative body. This has caused staff and councilmembers to become frustrated with the agenda process and the public notice requirements 

A majority of members of the legislative body may attend an open and noticed meeting of a standing committee of the city council, as long as the councilmembers who are non-members of the standing committee attend “only as observers.” The phrase “only as observers” means that the attending councilmembers may be physically present at the meeting, but may not participate in the proceedings or sit in their usual place on the dais, or participate in discussion. This could become a problem with controversial projects and subjects that may be of personal interest to a particular councilmember(s).

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