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Meeting Date: October 23, 2001

Subject/Title: Approve Fire Master Plan

Submitted by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Authorize the City Manager to sign a contract with CityGate Associates in the amount not to exceed $50,000 to undertake a Comprehensive Fire Suppression and Emergency Medical Services Master Plan.


One of the goals of the new amended City General Plan was to develop a Fire Suppression and Emergency Medical Services Master Plan. This plan based on the amended General Plan would identify future Fire and Ambulance Station sites staffing requirements and equipment needs. Similar to other comprehensive plans the City has for its infrastructure, this study would become the foundation of a Fire and EMS Facilities Fee that would provide the resources necessary to implement this Master Plan.

The selection of CityGate was the result of an elaborate process led by the Fire Sub-Committee members Gomes and Petrovich that came from the City Councilís June Workshop. In early July, staff met with Francisco and Associates to develop the attached RFP. Staff also contacted via the League of California Cities all cities in the State and asked for names of firms that have provided these types of Fire Master Planning Work. A total of 13 firms were sent a RFP and the City received eight responses.

The packet of responses were reviewed and rated by the Sub-Committee Fire Chief Mark McCullah of East Diablo Fire and Sean Chapman, local fire service leaders. They rated each proposal. Four finalists were selected to be interviewed by the Sub-Committee in early September.

The four firms were: Maximum
CityGate Associates
Neville Associates
Hughes Perry & Associates

Staff was directed following these interviews to conduct references on three of these firms. After many calls, one firm came out on top. That firm is CityGate Associates and its project team of David DeRoos, Ronny J. Coleman and Scott Kensley.

CityGate is a very experienced firm having done a wide range of difficult and complex fire service studies, including some of the same issues Brentwood faces.

General Fund allocated $150,000 for the Fire Department in Budget Year 2001/02. This will be funded with those monies.

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