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Meeting Date: October 9, 2001

Subject/Title: Regional Transportation Fee Increase

Submitted by: Eastern Contra Costa Regional Fee & Finance Authority

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Attached is a resolution requested by the Board of Directors of the Fee Authority. Based on Pittsburg’s rejection of a fee increase we are proceeding with a resolution that calls for the formation of another JPA. Council is preparing a legal opinion on how that would be constituted. It is the direction of the Board that this should be placed on City Council agendas at the earliest possible date.



WHEREAS, the Board of Directors of the Eastern Contra Costa Regional Fee and Financing Authority have determined that there is a significant funding and project short fall in the regional transportation fee program.

WHEREAS, the Authority has undertaken a nexus study to determine both the regional projects necessary to facilitate the future transportation system needs and the level of funding required to support the expanded program.

WHEREAS, the current program consists of improvements to:

State Route 4 East; from Bailey Road to the State Route 4 Bypass
State Route 4 Bypass from State Route 4/State Route 160 to Vasco Road including Marsh Creek
Buchanan Road Bypass

WHEREAS, the Board of Directors of the Authority having determined through the nexus study the level of fees for each new building permit should be as follows:

Single Family Residential Unit $7,500/dwelling unit
Multiple Family Residential Unit $4,600/dwelling unit
Non-residential uses $1.00/square foot
Non-standard uses $7,500/peak hour trip

WHEREAS, the following projects have been identified as “Significant Regional Projects” are added to the program list:

Laurel Road Extension to the State Route 4 Bypass
Byron Airport Road between Vasco Road and Byron Highway
Vasco Road safety and operational improvements
State Route 239, Brentwood to Tracy: study, design and right of way protection
State Route 4/Main Street improvements, Lone Tree Way to west of Vintage Parkway

Also identified as “Important Regional Projects” are:

Northern Parallel Arterial group in the City of Antioch and in Bay Point; which includes 
West 10th Street, Pittsburg Antioch Highway, Willow Pass Road, and Evora Road
Southern Parallel Arterial Group within the City of Antioch, which includes:
Delta Fair Boulevard, Buchanan Road, Fitzuren Road, and West Tregallas Road
Byron Highway improvements
Commuter Transit

WHEREAS, the fee increase and the expansion of the program cannot be incorporated into the existing Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) for the ECCRFFA and a separate JPA must be formed; and

WHEREAS, the City of Pittsburg does not wish to participate in the fee increase at this time and the Board of Directors recommends that provisions should be included in the new JPA for entry by the City of Pittsburg at a later date.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the City of Brentwood approves, in concept, the increase in regional transportation fee and the expansion in the regional program as proposed by the Board of Directors of the ECCRFFA and requests preparation of a Joint Powers Agreement incorporating the increase for approval by the Cities of Antioch, Brentwood and Oakley as well as the County of Contra Costa.

PASSED APPROVAL AND ADOPTED by the City Council at a regular meeting on October 9, 2001 by the following vote:

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