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Meeting Date: September 11, 2001

Subject/Title: Park Names

Submitted by: Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation

Prepared by: Ken De Silva, Park Services Manager

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Discuss and approve Park names as submitted by the Parks and Recreation Commission.

· City Council meeting of June 12, 2001 regarding the naming/dedication of City facilities.
· Park and Recreation Commission meeting of June 28, 2001.
· Park and Recreation meeting of August 23, 2001.

City Council approved the Commission’s recommendation for the naming/dedication of City facilities at the June 12, 2001 City Council meeting, with one exception – Council removed section 4.4 related to the naming of facilities after individuals. As a result of this action, staff requested direction from the Park and Recreation Commission related to the naming of existing and future facilities at the June 28, 2001 Park and Recreation Commission meeting. A subcommittee was established to discuss naming of existing and future City parks. The subcommittee consisted of Commissioners Lanny Brown and Karen Rarey and staff member Ken De Silva. The committee suggested several names for park sites. 

The City of Brentwood’s Park and Recreation Commission met, at its regular meeting of August 23, 2001, to discuss the recommendations of the subcommittee regarding the current and future park names as addressed in this staff report.

The Park and Recreation Commission wishes to submit the following suggestions to the City Council for approval:

Current Name Suggested Name Reason
City Park City Park Keep existing name
Creekside Park Creekside Park Keep existing name
Windsor Way Park Windsor Way Park Keep existing name
Homecoming Park Homecoming Park Keep existing name
Summerwood Park Summerwood Park Keep existing name
Loma Vista Park Loma Vista Park Keep existing name

The following are newly constructed parks recently dedicated to the City:

Current Name Suggested Name Reason
Brentwood Lakes Entry Park Lake Park Lake located across street

The following parks have approved plans and are currently under construction:

Current Name Suggested Name Reason
Belvedere (Grupe Homes) Park Walnut Park The proximity of Walnut Blvd. and Walnut orchards in area
Boulder Ridge (Brookfield) Unit 4 Park Berkshire Park Name of street next to park.
Boulder Ridge (Brookfield) Unit 6 Park Rolling Hills Park Due to the existing terrain
Brentwood (Pulte Homes) Park Arboretum Park Park is designed to exhibit numerous different tree species to public.
California Orchard (KB Home) Park Orchard Park The historical significance of orchards in town.
Garin Park Garin Park Location of Garin’s ranch.
Heritage (SPA L) Park TBD at a later date Currently reviewing trail connection significance.
Skate Park TBD at a later date Youth Commission’s input is desired

The following parks are currently under design:

Current Name Suggested Name Reason
Brentwood Hills (Shea Homes) Park Black Gold Park Petroleum mining in area
Centex Trailhead Creekside Trailhead Start of a trail next to Marsh Creek
Sand Creek Community Park Sand Creek Community Park Located on Sand Creek
Family Aquatic Neighborhood Park TBD at a later date 
SunCal Neighborhood Park TBD at a later date 
Ponderosa Homes (Carlisle Prop.) TBD at a later date 
Lyon Homes (Yamanaka Property) TBD at a later date 
Schuler Homes (Sciortino Property) TBD at a later date 

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