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Meeting Date: August 28, 2001

Subject/Title: Joint Venture Parking Lot – Liberty High School

Submitted by: Engineering: J. Stevenson

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Direct staff to work with the Liberty Union High School District to facilitate construction of a school parking lot expansion that will be jointly funded by the high school district and the City, and to coordinate the parking lot funding through a development agreement which would include school district funding through school fee credits and City funding through densities in excess of mid-range so there is no cash contribution from the City.


The City Council has a long-standing concern for downtown parking. The parking lot at First and Chestnut Streets was just finished at a cost of $247,390. That lot added a net 17 parking stalls to our downtown inventory. A second lot is currently out to bid which will add a similar number of stalls at a similar price. These are expensive facilities that yield little in parking relief.

It is conceded by all concerned that a major contributor to the downtown parking problem is the high school, which is severely under-parked. Evidence of the high school’s impact on downtown parking can easily be seen by comparing parking difficulty during the summer recess and when school is in session. High school students park on the downtown streets, and then go out between classes to move their cars so they don’t get tickets. This is a problem for both the high school as well as the City, but no one had tackled the problem until Councilwoman Beckstrand suggested this project.

Staff has researched the proposed project, conducted preliminary planning studies and held initial discussions with the school district. This proposed lot will yield in excess of 110 new parking spaces at a total anticipated cost of less than $200,000. The school district has expressed interest in the project and if approved by the City Council, the high school Superintendent will recommend approval by the School Board.

City staff is currently working with a number of developers that are requesting density in excess of mid-range, and if acceptable to the Council, the City’s portion of the cost of the lot could be in return for the density bonus. The City’s portion of this lot is expected to be $75,000 to $100,000, which might equate to an extra 10 lots (more or less) for some developer. It is staff’s belief that this proposal will have a larger impact on downtown parking than the smaller, more expensive parking lots.

If so directed by the Council, staff will initiate design and move towards construction at the earliest possible date. The earliest date could be the summer of 2002, depending on construction timing issues.

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