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Meeting Date: August 28, 2001

Subject/Title: Consideration of North Brentwood Sanitary Sewer Improvement Options for a portion of the Brentwood Boulevard/Lone Tree Way Wastewater CIP Project #592-5910

Submitted by: Engineering: J. Stevenson/D. Galey

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Direct the City Engineer to proceed with final design of Alternate C to make sewer service available for a portion of Brentwood Boulevard south of Lone Tree Way, proceed to bid the sanitary sewer improvements project (a portion of Brentwood Boulevard/Lone Tree Way Wastewater CIP 592-5910), and return to Council for the award of the construction contract.

On December 12, 2000, City Council authorized the construction of water and sewer lines to four parcels near 8310 Lone Tree Way with failing septic systems in need of City sewer service.

On May 22, 2001, City Council approved Resolution No. 2299 adopting the 2001/2006 Capital Improvement Program including Brentwood Boulevard/Lone Tree Way Wastewater (CIP 592-5910) for sewer improvements in the north Brentwood area.

There are currently residents and businesses located near the southwest corner of Brentwood Boulevard and Lone Tree Way with failing septic tanks that are in need of City sewer service. There is also a business currently serviced by the City that is having sewer problems and is in need of a larger sewer lateral. The closest existing sewer lines available for connection are in Lone Tree Way, north of these properties, or Sunrise Drive to the south. Staff has outlined three options for extending the sewer lines to the properties in need, including the advantages and disadvantages associated with each option.

Alternate A, the most direct construction route, is to extend a line in the southeasterly and southerly direction from the existing line in Lone Tree Way (as shown in the Exhibit). This location would bring the line behind the gas station located at Brentwood Boulevard and Lone Tree Way across private property to the rear of the properties in need. After many conversations and negotiation with the property owner, staff has been unsuccessful in reaching an agreement for the necessary right-of-way. Due to this, condemnation would be required, a costly and lengthy process. Preliminary cost estimate for Alternate A, including construction, right-of-way and condemnation is estimated at $74,276.00, however this option does not assist the business that needs a larger sewer lateral, and results in basically a private sewer.

Alternate B extends a new line in the southwesterly and southerly direction from the existing line in Lone Tree Way (as shown in the Exhibit). This option locates the sewer extension across the west side of the same private property as in Alternate A, which is adjacent to the Lone Tree Drive Inn. The owner of the restaurant is also the owner of the property in Alternate A, but this alignment is preferable to the owner even though he is not in favor of either. Staff has negotiated a possible easement purchase along this alignment, but staff does not agree with the cost of this easement. In staff’s opinion, the easement cost is excessive when compared to the appraised value of $5,000 for the easement. Again, condemnation might be required, which is the major disadvantage of both of these options in addition to Alternates A and B being private sewer laterals. Right-of-way acquired would be for a private sewer line to serve two private properties, rather than a public sewer line that could benefit the area as a whole. Construction cost estimates have Alternates A and B as the least expensive options; however, right-of way costs could push this option beyond $110,000. Preliminary cost estimate including construction and right-of-way is $103,477.00 for Alternate B.

Alternate C proposes to extend the existing line easterly in Sunrise Drive and then northerly along the westerly side of Brentwood Boulevard (as shown in the Exhibit). The construction of this option is more expensive and time-consuming due to coordination with existing improvements; however, the cost of the right-of-way is minimal and provides right-of-way for future road widening. The advantages of Alternate C are numerous:
§ Provides the greatest benefit to the City and abutting properties by providing the ultimate sewer location for current as well as future need for the west side of Brentwood Boulevard.
§ Provides benefit to the Redevelopment Agency by servicing two existing businesses fronting Brentwood Boulevard that are included in the properties with failing septic systems.
§ Provides upgraded service for a business currently having sewer problems.
§ Right-of-way obtained will not only be for a needed sewer line, but also needed for future widening of Brentwood Boulevard. 
The preliminary cost estimate for Alternate C is $106,411.00. This cost takes into consideration the effect that construction would have on businesses fronting Brentwood Boulevard, and includes possible night work to accommodate those business owners affected. Initial contact with the property owners from which right-of-way would be required has been positive, with the possibility of trading right-of-way for construction of sewer laterals to serve more than one property.

Construction Right-of-Way Condemnation Totalincludes 15% contingency
Alternate A 362 L.F. $41,088 $13,000 $10,500 $74,276
Alternate B 480 L.F. $49,980 $40,000 $103,477
Alternate C 649 L.F. $92,532 N/A N/A $106,411

All three options are eligible for funding through the Redevelopment Agency, however Alternate C provides the greatest benefit to the City and Staff believes it is an investment in the future redevelopment of the west side of Brentwood Boulevard. Alternates A and B are a viable solution to the immediate problem but may require condemnation and do not address ultimate development of the area as well as Alternate C. For these reasons, staff recommends Alternate C as the option for providing sewer service to the residents and businesses in need, as well as the future of the City in this area.


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