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Meeting Date: August 14, 2001

Subject/Title: City of Brentwood Arts Commission membership boundaries

Submitted by: Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation
Report prepared by Sue Barry, Recreation Services Supervisor

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Discussion regarding changing the current membership boundaries of the Arts Commission.

The formation of the Arts Commission was approved by ordinance on September 26, 2000 by City Council. The Arts Commission held its first meeting on January 24, 2001. At the July 18, 2001 Arts Commission meeting, a formal request was made to meet with the City Council to discuss changing the current membership boundaries.

The Arts Commission has now been in effect for six months. They have held a joint workshop with City Council and have identified goals, programs and projects to move forward on. 

The current boundary of membership for the Arts Commission is the Liberty Union High School District, which includes Brentwood, Oakley, Byron, Discovery Bay and Bethel Island. The Arts Commission is interested in revising the current ordinance to be more in line with current city limits. The Commission has concerns regarding non-residents making decisions on City of Brentwood issues. Members of the Arts Commission will be present and look forward to discussion with City Council.

A copy of the current Arts Commission ordinance is attached for your review.

2.44.010 Commission establishment.
The city of Brentwood arts commission is established with membership, powers, and duties as set forth in this chapter. (Ord. 647 (part), 2000)

2.44.020 Powers and duties.
The arts commission shall have the general powers and duties as follows:
A. Encourages, stimulates, promotes and fosters programs for the cultural enrichment of the city and thereby contributes to the quality of life in Brentwood and develops an awareness in the business community, in local government, and in the general public of the value of the arts in Brentwood:

  1. Publicize arts opportunities,
  2. Encourage talent,
  3. Interpreting the community's diverse interests in arts and striving to meet those needs,
  4. Coordinating arts resources for the community and the artist,
  5. Commissioning and placing of public art,
  6. Promote art as a reflection of the historical nature of the community,
  7. Elevate the city's commitment to the overall enhancement of its cultural life to co-equal status with recreation, planning, human services, youth, etc.,
  8. Provide expertise in the area of public art and in-depth knowledge of the fine and performing arts,
  9. Work cooperatively with the organizational structure of the city and department of parks and recreation,
  10. Act as a resource in areas related to public art and the arts in general,
  11.  Serve as a review board for requests for funding from arts-related city-sponsored grants programs,
  12. Oversee the development of a city cultural plan;
    B. Perform other related functions, which may come before the commission;
    C. Initiate, sponsor, or conduct alone or in cooperation with other public or private agencies and/or individuals, programs to further the development and public awareness of, and interest in, the fine and performing arts;
    D. Solicit funding from private, state, and federal sources available for the fine and performing arts. (Ord. 647 (part), 2000)

2.44.030 Arts commissioners.
A. The arts commission shall consist of no more than twenty-five members, all of which must reside in the Liberty Union High School district. Of the twenty-five, no more than five may live outside the city limits of Brentwood.
B. The commissioners should represent a cross section and distribution of membership among the major art and cultural fields and at least fifty percent of the members should be active in, but not limited to, one or more of the following art disciplines: architectural arts, dance, art education, fiber arts, literature, music, painting, performing arts, photography, ceramics, sculpture, murals, visual, functional art, and crafts. (Ord. 647 (part), 2000)

2.44.040 Terms of office.
A. The mayor, with consent of the city council, shall appoint commission members for terms of up to three years. Terms of members shall be staggered so that no more than a majority of the commission expires in any one year. The maximum term for any commissioner is three consecutive terms (not to exceed nine consecutive years). A one-year absence after serving the maximum term is required before being reconsidered for appointment.
B. Members shall be subject to removal by action of the city council upon recommendation by a majority of arts commission members.
C. Each appointee to the commission, unless removed by city council, shall hold their offices until their successor is appointed.
D. Members shall be subject to removal by action of the city council without cause, only at a regularly scheduled city council meeting. (Ord. 647 (part), 2000)

2.44.050 Vacancies.
Vacancies occurring during the term shall be filled for the unexpired portion of the term. Vacancies shall be filled by nomination of the mayor with approval of the city council. (Ord. 647 (part), 2000)

2.44.060 Officers.
A. The officers of the arts commission shall be a chairperson and vice-chairperson. They shall perform all duties associated with such offices and shall act as the executive committee of the commission.
B. Election of officers shall be held no later than the regularly scheduled meeting of the commission in January of each year.
C. A nominations committee will be appointed at the regularly scheduled meeting of the commission in October of each year. This committee will present a recommended slate of officers for consideration at the regularly scheduled meeting of the commission in November of each year, to be voted on at that meeting. (Ord. 647 (part), 2000)

2.44.070 Compensation.
Members of the arts commission shall serve without compensation, as such, for their services but may receive reimbursement for necessary travel and other expenses incurred on official duty when such expenditures have received prior authorization by a vote of the commission. (Ord. 647 (part), 2000)

2.44.080 Budget.
The commission shall prepare and submit a proposed budget to the city manager no later than March 1st of each year. (Ord. 647 (part), 2000)

2.44.090 Annual report.
The commission shall prepare and submit an annual report to the city council by February 15th of each year. (Ord. 647 (part), 2000)

2.44.100 Meetings.
A. Regular meetings of the arts commission shall be held on the fourth Wednesday of each month except December when the commission will not have a regular meeting.
B. All scheduled and special meetings of the commission shall be publicly announced, open to the public, and the proceeding of it shall be available to the public. The chairperson may request the attendance at meetings of any officer or employee of the city, in an advisory capacity, to assist the commission in its deliberations.
C. A quorum of transacting business at any regularly scheduled or special meeting shall be fifty-one percent of appointed members of the commission in person. Approval of any business transacted shall require a majority vote of the commissioners in attendance.
D. If a member of the commission is absent without cause from three successive regular meetings of the commission, the commission may request the city council declare the position vacant. An absence may be excused if it is due to illness or is unavoidable, and the member gives notice to assigned city staff as to the reason. (Ord. 647 (part), 2000)

2.44.110 Clerical assistance.
Clerical assistance shall be provided by the city to assist the commission. Agendas will be provided a minimum of seventy-two hours prior to any regularly scheduled meeting and include any minutes from previous meetings not approved by the commission. (Ord. 647 (part), 2000)

2.44.120 Staff assistance.
The city of Brentwood director of parks and recreation, or designee(s) as appointed by the city manager, will be the staff liaison(s) to the commission. The staff liaison(s) shall work with the commission to effect the goals of the commission. (Ord. 647 (part), 2000)

2.44.130 Task forces.
A. The commission may make a recommendation to the city council requesting the formation of a task force to address certain specified issues; to function for a limited duration or purpose; and to operate solely in an advisory capacity.
B. The commission's recommendation shall state:
1. The nature and purpose for forming the task force;
2. The goal(s) of the task force;
3. The reason(s) why the same goal(s) can not be accomplished by the commission;
4. The duration of time that the task force will function;
5. The budget of the task force including, but not limited to, any monetary and non-monetary resources being sought from the city of Brentwood;
6. The number of individuals to serve on the task force;
7. A proposed list of individuals interested in serving on the task force; and
8. Any other information deemed relevant and appropriate.
C. The city council may, by a majority vote, authorize and approve the formation of a task force, which shall operate solely in an advisory capacity, and appoint the membership thereon.
D. The city council may, by a majority vote, de-establish any task force created pursuant to this section. (Ord. 647 (part), 2000)

2.44.140 Non-profit sector public art projects.
This section encourages service organizations to propose, finance, and gift public art projects to the city and provides a review process to ensure quality projects. (Ord. 647 (part), 2000)

2.44.150 Gifts and loans of public art.
This section creates a process for a formal review of the proposed gift by the arts commission and its consideration of vital factors including:
1. Artistic quality of the proposed gift;
2. Authenticity;
3. Appropriate site;
4. Maintenance and installation costs and considerations. (Ord. 647 (part), 2000)

2.44.160 Gifts of state.
Gifts From Other Governmental Agencies and Representatives. Gifts of state are those gifts received from other governmental agencies and their representatives. This section calls for the arts commission to review proposed gifts in order to recommend appropriate sites, installation techniques, etc. (Ord. 647 (part), 2000)

2.44.170 Other funding sources.
Other Sources of Funding in Addition to Public Funds for Potential City Public Art Projects. This section recognizes that any proposed annual public art plan may well include a variety of funding strategies including, but not limited to:
A. Public funds (as outlined above);
B. Private contributions;
C. Grants;
D. Corporate sponsorships;
E. Matching gifts;
F. Development fees (if allowable and adequate);
G. Outright gifts of actual public art. (Ord. 647 (part), 2000)

2.44.180 Public art in private places program.
This section outlines the city's approach to public art in private development. This section encourages private developers to include public art in their projects. (Ord. 647 (part), 2000)

2.44.200 Amendments.
This chapter may be amended in the same manner as originally adopted. (Ord. 647 (part), 2000)

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