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Meeting Date:  July 24, 2001

Subject/Title:    Adopt The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategic Action Plan.                   

Submitted by:   Howard Sword, Economic Development Director                                  

Approved by:    Jon Elam, City Manager



Adopt The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategic Action Plan.


On August 24, 1999 the City Council approved a contract with Gruen Gruen + Associates to assist the City in the preparation of an Economic Development Action Plan.


The City of Brentwood did not have a formal plan for the retention, expansion and attraction of business as of the summer of 1999. There were many assumptions about Brentwood’s economic development potential but no research had been conducted to verify these beliefs. The Economic Development Strategic Plan, the longer title is necessary to comply with potential state and federal program participation, establishes foundational data that provides the basis for proactive measures the City can undertake in order to develop and vital local economy and a healthy fiscal base.

The Plan discusses opportunities, goals and implementation tactics for retail and local serving business. The Plan also discusses comparative advantages and constraints and recommended targets, actions and policies for the Cities basic economy as defined as businesses that export their goods and services to other parts of the region, the country and the world.

The Mayor has appointed an Economic Development Task Force to advise and assist the City in its economic development strategy and implementation. The Task Force consists of Ken Bennert, Paul Laza, Steve Cropper, Trevor Wilharm, Chris Becnel, Mike McPoland, Bill Hill, Jon Elam , Mitch Oshinsky and Howard Sword. The Task Force met once to review and once with Gruen Gruen + Associates to discuss the Strategic Plan. The comments and recommendations of the Task Force have been incorporated into the final draft of the document.

The specific recommendations in the Strategic Plan are intentionally general in nature as this will be a publicly distributed document. Much more detailed and proprietary strategies have been and will be developed by the Economic Development Department and Task Force in order to implement the goals discussed in the Strategic Plan. Success of the specific detailed strategies will be evaluated in a year and the Strategic Plan will be updated to reflect those results.

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