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Meeting Date: July 10, 2001

Subject/Title: Clarification of Land Use for Reinhard property south of Lone Tree Way

Submitted by: Mitch Oshinsky, AICP, Community Development Director

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

The City Council Housing Committee and Economic Development Committee recommend that Council direct staff to take appropriate action to redesignate the southerly 19.12 acre portion of the Reinhard site to allow residential use.

On June 12, Council referred this matter to the Economic Development and Housing Committees. 

Through much of the General Plan Update process, this site was composed of Regional Commercial abutting Lone Tree. South of the Regional Commercial was High Density Residential to the west; and business park to the east. However, at the February meeting of the Working Group, a motion was made to change all the residential land west of the Bypass, in the Northwest Area, to Business Park. That motion was voted on and passed.

Mr. Reinhard has now submitted a development application to the City, which proposes 39.5 acres of regional commercial (retail) uses along Lone Tree, 13.19 acres of office south of the retail, and 19.12 acres of residential south of the office.

Per the attached letter, Mr. Reinhard is requesting a portion of his site south of Lone Tree and east of Heidorn be given: “. . . the flexibility to be able to develop either apartment or a combination of both apartments and offices in the area between the retail and EBMUD, which flexibility is allowed by use of the Special Planning Area (SPA) zoning.” As I understand it, he is asking to be allowed to have either Very High Density Residential or Office, or a combination of the two, on the southerly 19.12 acres. I believe he would also like to have the flexibility of either residential or office or a combination on the middle 13.19 acres. 

The Housing Committee viewed some of Mr. Reinhard’s Very High Density apartments in San Jose on June 25, and was impressed with the appearance, design and upkeep of the projects. 

The City Council Housing and Economic Development Committees are recommending that the southerly 19.12 acres be redesignated to allow either Very High Density Residential, or Office, or a combination. However, the request to allow additional residential on the middle 13.19 acres is not being recommended by the Committees. 

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