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Meeting Date: July 10, 2001 

Subject/Title: Set Hearing Date for an Appeal of Tentative Subdivision Map #8424(the Yamanaka property)

Submitted by: Community Development (Oshinsky/Leana) 

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Set the hearing date for this appeal for the City Council meeting of August 14, 2001.

At its meeting on June 19, 2001, the Planning Commission reviewed and approved the development plans of William Lyon Homes on the Yamanaka property, located east of the terminus of Oak Street, adjacent to downtown. This project involves a general plan amendment, specific plan amendment, a rezone and a prezone with the establishment of development standards, an annexation, and a tentative subdivision map. 

The Planning Commission actions on all of these items are recommendations to the City Council, except for the action on the tentative subdivision map, which the Planning Commission approved conditioned upon the City Council approving the general & specific plan amendments and the pre- and rezoning changes. 

On June 28, 2001, Councilmember Bill Hill filed an appeal of the Planning Commissionís decision on the tentative map citing a lack of fire infrastructure in the community as the reasoning for the appeal.

Staff is recommending the hearing date for the appeal be set for the City Council
meeting of August 14, 2001. The appeal will be heard simultaneously with the general plan amendment, specific plan amendment, pre- and rezoning, and annexation request.


Letter of appeal, dated June 28, 2001.
Project area map. 

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