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Meeting Date: June 12, 2001

Subject/Title: Approve Park and Recreation Commission recommendation for the naming/dedication of City Facilities

Submitted by: Craig D. Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Approve the recommendation of the Park and Recreation Commission for the naming/ dedication of City Facilities.


Since its first meeting, the Park and Recreation Commission has been working on a number of recommended policies and procedures related to parks and recreation. One of the first items was development of a standard park sign, which was approved by City Council at the May 22, 2001 Council meeting. During the sign discussion by the commission, it was discovered the City did not have any adopted policy as to how parks (City facilities in general) are named. The City also does not have any policies in place related to dedications in parks or City facilities.

A Park and Recreation Commission subcommittee worked with staff to review how other communities name and take dedications, specifically looking at Walnut Creek, Concord, Pittsburg, Antioch, San Ramon, Tracy, Turlock, Fremont and Pleasanton. The committee reviewed the various policies and developed a draft recommendation that was taken to the Commission for review. At the May 24, 2001 Park and Recreation Commission meeting, the commission approved a recommended policy for the naming and dedication of City Facilities and is now requesting City Council approval of the policy.

If approved as recommended, the policy would allow the Park and Recreation Commission to make recommendations to the City Council for the naming of facilities as per the defined guidelines, with final approval by the City Council. It would also allow the Park and Recreation Commission to accept and oversee, on behalf of City Council, the provisions of the policy related to dedications.



To define the policies, responsibilities and procedures associated with the naming of City facilities.


The City of Brentwood has lacked a policy to guide staff and the City Council in the naming of City facilities, including buildings, support facilities, park sites, and recreation facilities. As a result, City facilities have been named in honor of family names or in association with geographic locations without the benefit of a City Council approved policy to guide the naming process. The development of a policy/procedure to guide the naming of City facilities is intended to enable the process to be applied in a fair, objective, and consistent manner.


3.1 “Buildings” are City-owned facilities that house employees or are otherwise used to conduct City business. Buildings may include, but are not limited to, the Civic Center, City Council Chambers, and Police facility.
3.2 “Support Facilities” are City-owned facilities that are used to support field operations. Support facilities may include, but are not limited to, the corporation yard and pump stations.
3.3 “Park Sites” are City-owned parks, open space, and trail areas. Park sites include developed and undeveloped park areas and designated open space areas.
3.4 “Recreation Facilities and Amenities” are facilities/amenities used primarily for recreation and leisure activities, including, but not limited to, athletic fields, tennis/basketball courts, recreation centers, gazebos and meeting rooms.


4.1 General. The policy of the City is to name facilities in a manner that will provide an easy and recognizable reference for the City’s customers. Therefore, naming options will always consider a name based on the facility’s geographic location. However, the policy also established conditions for the consideration of naming options based on other factors.
4.2 Geographic Location. Whenever possible, all City facilities will be named for their geographic location. The geographic location many be based on the identification of the facility with a specific place, neighborhood, major street, regional area of the City or the City itself if the facility is deemed to serve the entire community.
4.3 Other Considerations. Consideration of names for facilities may also include a prominent form of topography, a prominent plant, bush or tree and historical precedent.
4.4 Individual/Organizational Recognition. The naming of City facilities in honor of individuals or community organization may be considered under the following conditions:
· Past or present resident of the City of Brentwood.
· The individual/organization must have demonstrated outstanding achievements, contributions to accomplishments or enrichment of the City of Brentwood.
· Demonstrated activity must be of a volunteer nature.
· The individual/organization must possess sound moral and social character.
· Must have a minimum of three (3) independent nominations.


5.1 Facilities or portions thereof, may be dedicated in memory, or honor of, individuals, groups or organizations. Dedications are encouraged to be in the form of facility improvements or enhancements:
5.2 Dedication may be in recognition of an outstanding service, a donation or contribution to the facility or community.
5.3 Dedication may be in memory of someone who has contributed to the facility or community.
5.4 Any individual, family, group or organization sponsoring a dedication or memorial must provide sufficient funds to purchase, install, and maintain any plaque or other form of label associated with the recognition. The dedication or memorial may take the form of a ceremony or other testimonial in honor of the person or group in question.
5.5 The City will make every effort to preserve any dedication plaque or other dedicated object. If necessary, due to repair of surround areas, construction or redesign of a facility, the plaque or dedication object may be relocated. If the plaque or other dedication object cannot continue to be reasonably maintained or after a period of ten years, it may be removed by the City.
5.6 If the dedication includes the gift or a tree or other plant the City will provide its regular standard of landscape care for the tree. If the tree does not survive, the City is not obligated to provide a replacement. If the dedication includes the gift of an object (e.g. bench, picnic table, play equipment), the City will provide its regular standard of care and maintenance for the object.
5.7 The City will not be responsible for upkeep, repair or replacement of any dedication or memorial plaque whose placement was not sponsored by the City.
5.8 Dedication or memorial plaques may not be placed in or on City facilities without written City approval.
5.9 The Park and Recreation Commission will, on behalf of the City Council, oversee the provisions of this policy. The City Council will refer naming or dedications in public park, recreation and open space areas and facilities to the Commission for recommendation.
5.10 The Park and Recreation Commission will initiate the naming of new facilities and their features. The City Council will be advised of dedications covered by this policy and asked to confirm facility names.









Please illustrate below the reasons for your nomination. Please be as complete as possible. Attach additional pages or supportive materials if needed to clarify the nomination.

Community-wide activities responsible for:

Local clubs or organizations served:

School attended:

Major benefit(s) to the history of Brentwood:

Why are you nominating this person?

Submit form to: Park and Recreation Commission
City of Brentwood Parks and Recreation Department
150 City Park Way
Brentwood, CA 94513
Phone: (925) 516-5444

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