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Meeting Date: June 12, 2001

Subject/Title: Discussion with residents from Village Drive Homeowners Association regarding possible use of detention basin

Submitted by: Craig D. Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation
Olivia Ruiz, Recreation Services Supervisor

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Discuss with the residents from Village Drive Homeowners Association possible uses of the existing detention basin.


William Lyons Homes is building a new subdivision (No. 6665) directly North of the Village Drive subdivision. When the construction started in the fall of 2000, many of the existing residents of Village Drive had a number of questions concerning this new development. As a result, a community meeting was held on Monday, October 16, 2000 at the Village Drive Resource Center with representatives of William Lyons Homes.

This meeting resulted in many issues that could not be resolved at that meeting (e.g. loss of parking adjacent to Village Drive, future use of detention basin, traffic patterns/traffic light at Highway 4). A follow up meeting was held on December 4, 2000, with residents, representatives of William Lyon Homes, and City staff from engineering, community development and parks and recreation. One of the main topics of discussion related to the future use of the detention basin. The basin is scheduled to be abandoned once Lyon Homes ties into the new City storm drain system.

William Lyon Homes offered to use their park credits to improve the detention basin into a park for the residents if that was their desire. As the community meeting could not provide for a consensus related to the basin, it was suggested that the residents conduct a survey to determine what their interests were.

Olivia Ruiz, Village Drive Resource Center supervisor, conducted a survey (attachment), which clearly identified the number one interest for future development at the detention basin is an expanded resource center, not a park. A follow up meeting with residents occurred on May 10, 2001 to discuss the results of the survey. Staff reminded the residents that the City could assist with Lyons Homes toward park improvements but at this time, the City had not committed any resources for a new resource center.

As there was much discussion as to the needs of the community, and as a number of residents wanted to make sure that the survey strives to reach all residents, additional community meetings were held on May 23, 2001 and May 29, 2001. As a result of these meetings, the residents have requested an opportunity to meet with City Council and discuss the needs of the community as it relates to possible uses of the detention basin and an expanded resource center.

Staff has suggested that if the current detention basin is not best used as a park, the detention basin that sits between Windsor Way and Sycamore Drive could be used to expand the current Windsor Way Park. The drawback to this plan is that this basin is scheduled to be abandoned later than the north basin and Lyon Homes will probably be completed with their subdivision at that time.

The question as to whether the Village Drive Resource Center can be expanded relates to location and money. Based on previous discussions with the homeowners association, there is not sufficient space to expand the center at the present location. Once the detention basin is no longer needed for water storage, it could be used to build a new enlarged resource center, which is what survey says the residents desire. As no plan or money is currently identified for this expansion, staff needs specific direction from City Council if this is something you want us to move forward with exploring.

Staff will present a short overview of this matter at the council meeting and will then ask the residents to speak on the issue.


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