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Meeting Date: June 12, 2001

Subject/Title: Approve payment to Pacific Program Management for construction management services at City of Brentwood Family Aquatic Complex

Submitted by: Dennis Beougher, City Attorney
Craig D. Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Approve payment, not to exceed $130,000, to Pacific Program Management (PPM) for construction management services at the aquatic complex.

City Council approved an original contract with PPM, Inc. for $145,243 on November 9, 1999, for construction management services at the Family Aquatic Complex through June 2000.

In the original contract with PPM, it was anticipated that the complex would be completed for a Memorial Day 2000 opening. As a result, the contract approved by council utilized the services of PPM through June 2000. As the project continued to drag on past the original opening date, PPM agreed under the direction of the City Attorney and Director of Parks and Recreation, to continue their construction management services until the project was complete. As there was no way to anticipate when the completion date would occur, PPM agreed to continue to work and invoice the City at the end of the project. No one at the time could have anticipated that the project would go on as long as it did.

The City accepted beneficial occupancy of the facility in September 2000, however the contractor continued to work on punch list items and landscape work under the direction of PPM until the complex was accepted by City Council on February 13, 2001. During this time, PPM was able to reduce their daily services to part time as the major items were being completed. However, additional time was spent during this period dealing with copies and correspondence related to certified payrolls as the request of various union representatives. Once the pool was accepted in February, PPM continued to work part time with the phase two contractor to complete the work on the parking lot. Phase two development was completed and accepted by City Council on May 8, 2001.

PPM has been the on site construction management staff representing the City and has inventoried and catalogued all plan documents, warranties, material sheets, and has turned all necessary documentation for the project over to City staff. The current outstanding invoice for PPM’s services from July 1, 2000 – May 31, 2001, is $126,606.10. The only work remaining is a final item for skylight replacement that is the City is working on with the contractual architect. Staff is recommending approval to pay the outstanding invoice for work completed, and additional work on an hourly plus expenses basis not to exceed $3,393.90 to finish the skylight. The total PPM payment will be a “not to exceed” $130,000. This additional work by PPM will be paid out of the project contingency budget and does not require increasing the project budget.

Attachments: PPM invoice spreadsheet

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