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Meeting Date: May 22, 2001

Subject/Title: Discussion regarding construction job site materials storage and
management of litter and construction debris. 

Submitted by: Community Development Department, (M. Oshinsky/L. Kidwell)

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Staff recommends that City Council discuss the storage of construction materials and the management of litter and construction debris to determine if additional conditions on development are warranted. 


Staff has received complaints regarding the unmanaged practice of storing construction materials at subdivision construction sites. In some cases, materials are being stored in a manner that obstructs the view of traffic, making this an unsafe practice. Staff has also received complaints from Planning Commissioners and citizens concerning litter and construction debris and incidents of it blowing onto adjacent properties creating unsightly as well and unsanitary conditions.

The issue of material storage at construction sites is one that has until now only come up in the context of job site security. The lack of job site security and the theft that follows can be a burden on the Police Department. Responding to the burden that unrestrained theft puts on the Police Department, staff has conditioned development to provide jobsite security in the following fashion:

Older map condition
The developer shall provide an enclosed and secure area for the staging of construction for all phases of construction from grading through the actual construction of the homes. This area shall be patrolled with a security guard or similar method to assure that construction material, equipment, appliances, etc. are safe and secure creating less of a demand on police services during construction.

Present standard map condition
The developer shall submit a job site security plan to the Brentwood Police Department for review at a pre-construction meeting and obtain police department approval prior to issuance of a grading permit, encroachment permit or issuance of any building permits. The security plan shall include a list of 24-hour contact numbers and shall require either on-site security during off hours, or all tools, equipment and materials shall be removed from the job site after the normal working hours, or other measures acceptable to the Brentwood Chief of Police.
The older map condition provided some management of material storage but that was clearly not the intention of the condition. Field staff has only enforced the condition for itís intentioned consequence. 

Staff is proposing that Council discuss the addition of a condition to the Standard Conditions of Approval that would require a plan for the safe storage of building materials, in an approved location that would include the management of site litter and debris.

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