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Meeting Date: May 22, 2001

Subject/Title: Mayors Conference Visioning Proposal

Submitted by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Council to discuss, and determine whether to join, not join, or seek further information on becoming a participant in the Contra Costa County Mayors’ Conference County Visioning Process, at a cost not to exceed $14,000.00.


For much of the last two years representatives for the County City Managers’ Group (PMA) and the County Advisory Committee of the Mayors’ Conference have been attempting to develop a County-wide Visioning Plan. The leadership of this effort has come from the Central County area and has had little input from Brentwood or far East County.

This group has now contacted the Mayor and asked the City to contribute $13,900.00 toward a study plan being developed by the firm of Fregonese-Calthorpe Associates. The attached work plan outlines what would be done. It appears very comprehensive and progressive. It discusses “steering” and “policy” committees, but does not define the membership of those. It also appears to give the public the role of selecting the preferred alternative, but it’s unclear who will make the final decision. These questions should be answered before we join in. Much of it is for a County-wide plan to do what the City has spent considerable funds on in updating Brentwood’s General Plan. The goal is not a County master plan, but a framework for city, county and state government coordination of actions through agreed upon policy.

The outcome of all of the proposed workshops and research is a plan for three infill sites, a preferred alternative and a report that would culminate in each participating City becoming a part of a County Compact on Growth Management. This is outlined under Section 8.3 of the proposal and if the City signs on, it suggests we would agree to six bullet points that would be integrated into our own General Plan.

Staff finds this effort to make county-wide planning the same for all cities quite a challenge. To have representatives for 18 other county-cities create and adopt Growth Management policies that would dictate to Brentwood where development should occur would be amazing, and I would think unlikely. 

On the other hand, the politics to not join with your fellow communities also would seem to pose a problem, since we are often portrayed as being independent. Also, being involved would give us a voice in the process and outcome. I added this for your own discussion and direction.

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