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Meeting Date: May 22, 2001

Subject/Title: Approve Park and Recreation Commission recommendation for development of standard Park Sign program

Submitted by: Craig D. Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Approve the Park and Recreation Commission recommendation for a standard park sign.


The first meeting of the City of Brentwood Park and Recreation Commission was January 27, 2000. During that first meeting, commissioners and staff discussed a number of items for future consideration related to park and recreation facilities and programs. One item discussed was the lack of any standards or development of a citywide park signage program to identify the City of Brentwood’s rapidly expanding park system.

Phil Abey of Abey/Arnold Associates, who was working on entry monuments for the City of Brentwood, was invited to come to the commission meeting on February 24, 2000, to discuss options for permanent park signs. Mr. Abey provided six different types of options for review and comment (options #1 through #6). The discussion centered around development of a sign that would be permanent, sturdy in construction to reduce maintenance/vandalism, would be identifiable as Brentwood, and would be standardized so users of any of the Citywide parks could tell through the signage that they belonged to the same system of facilities. As the park and recreation department had just finished finalizing a new department logo, it was felt that this logo could be incorporated into the signage to represent both the City of Brentwood and the newly developed park system.

The commission discussed each option and gave Mr. Abey direction on how to narrow the selection down to three proposals for review at the March 30, 2000 commission meeting. The commission discussed the final three options at the March meeting and recommended approval of Park Sign option A. Staff has been moving forward with development of a standard, however, did not bring this commission recommendation to City Council for final approval. With a number of parks in the final stage of development, staff is presenting the commission recommendation to City Council for consideration and approval.

Related to the use of the park and recreation department logo, development of the logo was a nine-month process in 1999 at the direction of the City Manager and the Brentwood Recreation and Park District Board. During the merger of the District and the City, there were many concerns from the District that they were being “taken over” by the city and would lose all sense of identity and history. In an effort to establish a new sense of identity as a result of the merger and to provide a new start, it was suggested that park and recreation staff develop a logo that would signify this new joint effort and beginning.

Staff worked with graphic artist Kim Bailey to develop a logo that would: be representative of a park and recreation department; utilize the “City of Brentwood” script; and represent park and recreation in Brentwood. The final design (after nearly 50 different renditions) uses the City of Brentwood script, a profile of Mt. Diablo with a silhouette of a native oak tree, and the words “parks and recreation” spelled out in pastel colors for the recreation program side of the department.

It is traditional to use common signage in a park system so that the users and participants understand the relationship of each site as a part of the whole. This can be accomplished by color, sign design, script, placement, and/or use of a logo. The sign recommended by the commission uses consistent color, design, script, and has recommended use of the park and recreation department logo. City park facilities in general either use the official “city” logo or the logo of the park and recreation department. As this is usually made as a policy decision by the governing body, staff is requesting direction from City Council as to whether the “City of Brentwood” or the Park and Recreation Department logo should be used in a citywide park design program.

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