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Meeting Date: May 22, 2001 

Subject/Title: Public Hearing—Annexation and Prezoning of the Christ Property, 550 Creek Road

Submitted by: Oshinsky/Leana 
(Report prepared by Mike Leana)

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager


Introduce and waive the first reading of Ordinance XXX which prezones the Christ property to R-1-E (single family residential estate), and pass Resolution 01-XX initiating the annexation of the 3.4 acre Christ property to the City of Brentwood.


In December 2000, the City Council agreed to share in the cost of Mr. Christ’s application for annexation to the City.


The subject 3.4 acre parcel, located along the east side of Creek Road, was included as part of SPA ‘I’ in the 1993 General Plan. When Blackhawk’s “Back 9” project was annexed to the city in 1997 Lafco included the properties to the south of the Christ property (Wolfe, Borello and Bacchini) as part of that annexation, but for whatever reason, did not include Mr. Christ’s property. Since the developing Pulte project (formerly Blackhawk) is stubbing out water and sewer lines to the Christ property, he would like to “tie into” these lines, and hence is requesting the annexation and prezoning of his property.

At its meeting on April 17, 2001, the Planning Commission unanimously recommended that the subject property be prezoned to single family residential estate (R-1-E) in order to be consistent with the overall intent of SPA ‘I’ which calls for a gross density of 2 du/ac. for the overall SPA. The R-1-E zoning allows for a density of 2 du/ac. “by right,” and up to 3 du/ac. with a conditional use permit. This zoning classification is the one that most closely implements the intent of SPA ‘I.”


Although the subject property is within the City of Brentwood’s Planning Area and Sphere of Influence, it was never annexed as indicated above. Staff has verified with Lafco’s Executive Officer that the 3.4 acre site lies outside the County’s Urban Limit Line (ULL) according to County maps. However, it would appear that the intent of the ULL in this area was to follow Marsh Creek as everything on the east side of the creek is part of the County’s Agricultural Core and is outside the ULL, while those properties on the west side of the creek are inside the ULL. The applicant’s property lies between Marsh Creek and Creek Road, as reflected on the area map. Logically, staff believes that Mr. Christ’s property should be within the ULL as part of SPA ‘I’, since the three parcels to the south of Mr. Christ’s property which are also on the west side of Marsh Creek are within the ULL. Lafco’s Executive Officer concurs with this line of reasoning.

Action by the City Council tonight will enable staff to begin preparing the application to Lafco.

Area map of the subject property
SPA ‘I’ map and text from the General Plan
Ordinance XXX for the prezoning 
Resolution 01-XX for the annexation

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