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Meeting Date: May 22, 2001

Subject/Title: Liquor License Request

Submitted by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Approve a resolution supporting the issuance of additional off and on sale liquor licenses within the City of Brentwood.


City staff has been working closely with a new proposed downtown business “Brentwood Wine Store” to help them meet all County and State license requirements.

Obviously, the main requirement to sell wine is to have a liquor license. Unfortunately, the agency that issues liquor licenses, the Alcoholic Beverage Control Agency, back in 1996, determined, based on the population, a surplus of licenses existed in the City. They declared a moratorium on the issuance of any additional liquor licenses under the Business and Professions Code Section 23958. The language of Section 23958 is very specific and a bit hard to understand in how it applies to Brentwood, but never the less, it has been and an action by the City Council is now needed to convey to the ABC that the “Brentwood Wine Store” will not contribute to an over concentration of liquor licenses or will create or constitute a law enforcement problem.

Mr. & Mrs. Laza and Cropper have spent many hours putting their business plan together. Their store will add a new retail opportunity to downtown and further the City’s goals for preserving and enhancing downtown Brentwood.

Attached also is a copy from the Police Department in support of this application.

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