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Meeting Date: May 8, 2001

Subject/Title: Discussion for Direction on Municipal Code Boat Storage Requirements 

Submitted by: Community Development Department, M. Oshinsky/L. Kidwell/B. Arteaga

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Staff recommends that City Council discuss Zoning Ordinance Section 17.620.016.D1 regarding the storage of non-self propelled vehicles on private property.

In 1987, Council adopted Ordinance # 408 establishing vehicle storage requirements.

Because the City of Brentwood is “In the Heart Of The Delta”, we have many residents that own boats, trailers and motor homes. As the number of homes increase, so do the number of boats, trailers, and motor homes being stored within our city limits. Many of these recreational vehicles are being stored in the driveways or side yards of the premises. 

Brentwood Zoning Code Section 17.620.016.D1, prohibits storage within any front yard or an unfenced side yard adjacent to a street, with the exception of self-propelled vehicles which do not exceed twenty feet in length and twelve feet in height. 

The Code Enforcement Section of the Building Division receives complaints concerning the storage of boats, trailers, and motor homes on a regular basis. Because of the number of these types of vehicles that exist throughout the city, our normal complaint driven response may appear arbitrary to some people. 

While doing research for this discussion, staff found that most developments in Brentwood have private Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions that prohibit storage all recreational vehicles in all front or non-fenced side yards.

Staff is presenting this issue to determine if our Zoning standards need revisions. Staff has had the opportunity to speak to more than 20 residents that are vehemently opposed to the storage of recreational vehicles in front yards or unfenced side yards.

During enforcement visits, staff has had the opportunity to speak to more than 20 owners of boats, trailers, and motor homes. These residents indicate they moved to Brentwood because of the proximity to the Delta and the recreational opportunities that exist in our area. They indicate that they use their recreational vehicles on a regular basis and would be extremely inconvenienced if they had to retrieve them from a storage facility several times a week.

The following are some options that council may want to consider:

1. Confirm the existing zoning standard which prohibits the storage of all non-self propelled vehicles and motor homes which exceed 20 ft. in length and 12 ft. in height from storage in any front yard or unfenced side yard.

2. Amend the Code to allow the storage of recreational vehicles in front yards and unfenced side yards during the peak recreational season from April thru September.

3. Amend the ordinance to allow the storage of boats, trailers and motor homes in front yards or unfenced side yards subject to conditions set forth by Council.

Under no circumstance should any vehicle be allowed to encroach in the City right of way, (sidewalk), or impede the line of sight.

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