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Meeting Date: April 24, 2001

Subject/Title: Recommend purchase of Lifepak 500 AED-Automated External Defibrillator units in an amount not to exceed $25,500

Submitted by: P. Slay and L. Shaw

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Authorize purchase of Lifepak 500 AED-Automated External Defibrillator units in an amount not to exceed $25,500 

A Council presentation by Sergeant Paul Slay on the External Defibrillator units.

Following up on a previous Council presentation by Sergeant Paul Slay, the Council requested the Police Department prepare a list of equipment needed to have External Defibrillator units available to the residents of Brentwood. Sergeant Slay has researched the issue and has come up with the equipment purchase and training needs. 

The City should provide (1) unit and its necessary accessories and storage boxes for the following city building/departments that could be utilized in an emergency in the nearby area.

A. City Hall
B. City Council Chambers
C. Aquatic Center
D. Planning and Development
E. Corporation Yard
F. Water Treatment Plant/Solid Waste

The necessary accessory equipment includes the following:
A. Lifepak 500 AED Unit $3750
B. Spare electrodes $ 50
C. Wall mount storage box $200

The City should purchase (3) training units and the necessary accessories, which include the following:
A. Lifepak 550T AED Training Unit $400
B. Training unit electrode set $ 40
C. Spare electrode pad sets $ 25
The new CPR standards that incorporate the AED-Heartsaver training takes approximately (8) hours and should be done in one session. Per the instructors, if a breakup is necessary it should be done in one (6) hour block (CPR instruction) and one (2) hour block (AED instruction). Each instructor can only train (8) people at a time.

You can only train (4) people per AED Training Unit during a training session. With the purchase of the (3) training units and the ability to borrow the (1) to be purchased by the Police Department, we can train (16) people per session with (2) instructors.

Sergeant Paul Slay will work with the Contra Costa County EMS office to certify the Police Department for the purchase and training standards of the AED's.

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