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Monitoring Goals and Objectives

When Who What Status Comments
      Done On Target Rev  
1. 2/28/01  Redevelopment Agency’s Executive Director - lead, Finance Director, Consultants, Bond Counsel and Economic Development Manager  Will draft a project list and action plan for redevelopment    


Revised date to 4/10/01
2. 3/1/01  Economic Development Manager – lead, City Manager, Economic Develop Subcommittee, City Engineer and Community Development Director Will develop a streamlined, consistent commercial industrial permit process     X  Revised date to 4/10/01
3. 3/15/01 Economic Development Manager – lead and Economic Development Subcommittee Will present a draft Economic Development Strategic Plan to the City Council.     X Revised date to 4/24/01
4. 4/1/01 Community Development Director and Economic Development Manager (co-leads) and City Manager  Will present to the City Council the resources needed to conduct a Downtown Specific Plan, including parking.     X Revised date to 4/24/01
GOAL: Provide and Build Public Facilities
When Who What Status Comments
      Done On Target Rev  
1. 2/28/01 ü Council approved contract with 
City Manager & Police Chief  Present to the City Council for their consideration retention of an architect to conduct a space needs study for a police station, with the study to be completed by April 30, 2001. 



    EKONA on 1/23/01
2. 4/30/01
City Manager & Police Chief  Completion of a space needs study for the police station   x    
3. 6/1/01 
City Attorney/City Council Consider for approval a ballot initiative for a Police Station Bond Measure on the November 2001 ballot.        
4. 6/30/01  City Manager With concurrence City Council 
hire a consultant to conduct a needs assessment for new City facilities, including whether the facilities should be centralized or decentralized. ü Funds in 2001-02 Budget   x    
5. 6/30/00  City Engineer City Engineer and the CIP staff  will present to the City Council a prioritized list of CIP projects for development in 2001-2002, including timelines for completion.    x    
GOAL: Provide and Maintain an Adequate Public Infrastructure
When Who What Status Comments
      Done On Target Rev  
1. 2/15/01 
City Engineer  Hire design engineers to initiate infrastructure design for the Northwest area.  X Council approved three contracts on 2/27/01
2. 4/15/01  ü City Engineer Will complete the design of Sand Creek Road and have the project (partially or in total) out to bid.  X
3. 5/1/01  Public Works Director  Will complete annual work plans for all divisions and begin entry into Enterprise Asset Management Computerized Maintenance Management System (EAM CMMS) for implementation by July 1, 2001. X
4. 6/30/01 City Engineer Will have Water Well #14 online and operational.  X
5. 6/30/01  City Engineer  Will complete the design of the Sunset Industrial Complex and be ready to go to bid X
6. 6/30/01 Telecommunications Subcommittee and Councilmember Petrovich Will identify and recommend to the City Council potential providers for telecommunications services  X
7. 6/30/01 
Public Works Director and City Engineer  Will integrate street maintenance and pavement management efforts X
8. 6/30/01
Public Works Director  Will begin to implement replacement of substandard wastewater facilities in the Downtown area. X
9. 6/30/01
Public Works Director Will complete all known polybutylene service replacements. X
Future Objectives:     1. 12/31/01  
Public Works Director Will implement a Preventative Maintenance Program for all City vehicles. X
2. 9/2002  City Engineer  Will ensure the completion the Wastewater Treatment Plant construction and have the plant online and operational. X
GOAL: Provide Friendly Customer Service
When Who What Status Comments
      Done On Target Rev  
1. 2/1/01  

Department Heads (City Manager – lead  Will establish and implement a policy that all phone calls and e-mails to their departments are responded to prior to the end of the next business day. X Reviewed and accepted by Department Heads
2. 2/28/01

Department Heads (City Manager – lead)  Will ensure that phone calls in their departments are answered by a person. X
3. 6/30/01
Department Heads (City Manager – lead)  Will create a policy whereby all voice mail responses will include emergency instructions and back-up phone numbers.By February 28, 2001 X
4. 6/30/00 Public Works Director Will implement a system to automate customer response and service request tracking. X
GOAL: Plan and Manage Growth To Maintain and Enhance Our Small Town Character
When Who What Status Comments
      Done On Target Rev  
1. 6/30/01   

Community Development Director Will initiate a Housing Element Update. X
2. 6/30/01

Redevelopment Agency  Will review a ten (10) year Redevelopment Financial Plan.
3. 6/30/01 
City Council (Lead - Mayor McPoland)  Will consider for adoption an Agricultural Enterprise Preservation Program. X Under review; revised proposal to City Council 5/30/01
Future Objective:1. 6/31/01  City Council  Will consider for adoption the General Plan Update including residential growth management and increasing economic development land supply. X General Plan in EIR stage; projected adoption by /31/01.

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