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Meeting Date: April 10, 2001

Subject/Title: Professional Services Agreement with Bellecci & Associates, Inc. for the design of Brentwood Boulevard TEA-21 I & II, CIP Project No.ís 336-3101 and 336-3102

Submitted by: Engineering: J. Stevenson/K. Wahl

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Authorize the City Manager to enter into a Professional Services Agreement in an amount not to exceed $61,055 with Bellecci & Associates, Inc. for the design of federally funded transportation project Brentwood Boulevard TEA-21 I & II, CIP Project No.ís 336-3101 and 336-3102 and authorize the City Manager to approve change orders up to 10% of the contract amount.

On March 23, 1999, by Resolution No.ís 99-74 and 99-75, the City Council authorized the application for Federal Surface Transportation Program funding for overlay of Brentwood Boulevard from Lone Tree Way to Grant Street and funding was awarded on July 16, 1999. 

On March 13, 2001, Council approved a Consultant Services Agreement with Cordoba Consulting, Inc. to provide necessary project management services for this project.

The City of Brentwood has been awarded federal grant funding for this transportation project and a mandated process must be followed in order to remain eligible for the funds. We have received authorization to proceed with the preliminary engineering which includes design and environmental certification of the projects. Brentwood Boulevard TEA-21 I & II, which involves the overlay and any needed reconstruction of Brentwood Boulevard from Lone Tree Way south to Grant Street, is time sensitive since we must have construction funds obligated by September 30, 2001. Design and environmental certification must be completed and approved by Caltrans in order to be eligible for obligation of construction funds. Brentwood Boulevard TEA-21 I & II has been awarded $309,750 in federal funds.

The federal process is lengthy and complicated and requires the assistance of firms experienced with the requirements in order to deliver the projects on schedule to remain eligible for federal funding. Bellecci & Associates, Inc. provides engineering design services for federally funded and non-federally funded transportation projects to many agencies. Staff has experience with this consultant and is confident of his ability to perform. Meeting the timelines for delivery of our federally funded projects is crucial not only for receiving funding for the current projects, but also to remain eligible for future funding.

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