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Meeting Date: March 27, 2001

Subject/Title: Youth Interest Survey

Submitted by: Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks & Recreation

Reported by: Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Supervisor & Dave Lang, Adult Advisor
Youth Commission 

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

City Council approval of the City of Brentwood’s Youth Commission Youth Interest Survey.


The City of Brentwood Youth Commission is constantly striving to achieve its goals. The goals of this Commission are: 
· To promote healthy living and positive decision making among youth. 
· To visibly and positively represent the youth of Brentwood. 
· To assist youth in better understanding the relationships between business and government.
· To positively promote the Youth Commission through activities and promotions.
· To generate a larger voice for the youth in the Brentwood Area. 
· To provide a forum for the youth to express their concerns and views. 

The Youth Commission has had several meetings and discussions on where their interests and needs are in our community. We had a professionally facilitated workshop on assessment needs for youth and as a result we have initiated this survey. We will take the attached survey for input, recommendation and approval to the superintendents of the Brentwood Union School District and Liberty Union High School District. Upon approval, the survey will be distributed to the local schools. We have contacted Chief Larry Shaw of the Police Department and received his input and support of the survey as it relates to the Police Department. The Youth Commission is now presenting this survey to City Council for your approval of the Youth Interest Survey.


Youth Commission Mission Statement:

Mission is to create a safe, youth-oriented environment that promotes motivation, interaction, and unity within the community. 

We the Youth Commission are trying to help the youth of Brentwood by this survey. Please fill out this survey in order to help our town be more teen-oriented. This survey has five alphabetical responses. For each question, please indicate the response that most closely reflects your opinion by circling that alphabetical figure. 

a = Strongly agree b = Agree c = Not sure d = Disagree e = Strongly disagree

1. Your school has prepared you for college.

a b c d e 

2. Your school provides you with a broad base of information in order to choose a career.

a b c d e

3. Schools provide challenging and interesting classes.

a b c d e

4. Schools prepare you to pass the SAT of California proficiency exams.

a b c d e 

5. Our school and community provide us with a violence-free environment.

a b c d e

6. Gangs are not a major concern for the youth in Brentwood.

a b c d e

7. Violence is a major issue both in our schools and in our community.

a b c d e


8. Schools provide accessible resources to deal with personal issues.

a b c d e

9. Brentwood offers you a variety of fun activities during non-school hours.

a b c d e

10. Brentwood offers job opportunities for teens during the summer.

a b c d e

11. The Brentwood Parks and Recreation Department offers a wide variety of activities for your age group.

a b c d e 

If you circled “d” or “e”, please list any additional comments: 

12. People of different ethnic backgrounds interact in a positive way.

a b c d e

13. Brentwood Police Department interacts with the youth of our community in a positive manner.

a b c d e

If you circled “d” or “e”, please list any additional comments: 
14. School discipline is handled consistently with all students.

a b c d e

If you have any further comments you would like to add to further express your opinions and feelings, please utilize this space to add them. Your comments are sincerely solicited. All responses are strictly confidential. Thank you.

Additional Comments:

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