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Meeting Date: March 13. 2001

Subject/Title: Temporary Closure of Intersection of Oak and Third Streets

Submitted by: Engineering: J. Stevenson/Sam Peiris 

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Authorize the City Engineer to temporarily close the intersection of Oak and Third Streets March 22 through March 25, 2001, to allow construction of the decorative crosswalks associated with the 3-way stop construction project.

On November 14, 2000, by Resolution No. 2191, the City Council added Oak and Third Street Improvements, CIP Project No. 336-3123, to the 2000/05 Capital Improvement Program.

The traffic ordinance of the Brentwood Municipal code requires Council action for the closure of public streets. The City Engineer has the authority to permit lane closure with Council approval. The Engineering staff has determined that it would be impractical to complete the work without closing the intersection of Oak and Third Streets. Staff is requiring extensive notification for this closure. The contractor will post signs and notify businesses and residents in this area. Staff will notify the local newspaper, School Districts, Police Department and Fire Department. During this closure, the contractor will provide a detour with traffic control to be approved by staff to minimize inconvenience. Staff prearranged this closure to coincide with the recess of school in order to minimize traffic during this work. Furthermore, during the construction one driveway will continue to provide access to the City Hallís parking lot. The beginning of the closure will be March 22, 2001. It is estimated that construction in this area will require the intersection to be closed for 4 days. The road will be scheduled to reopen on March 26, 2001. School will be closed during this time.

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