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Meeting Date: March 13, 2001

Subject/Title: Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter Eradication Program Support

Submitted by: Mitch Oshinsky, Community Development Director
Winston Rhodes, Senior Planner

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

That Council adopt a resolution supporting the Contra Costa County Agriculture Department’s glassy-winged sharpshooter eradication program.

In October 2000 the Council’s Agricultural Subcommittee discussed the discovery of the disease-carrying glassy-winged sharpshooter in Brentwood.

In October 2000 an infestation of glassy-winged sharpshooters (GWSS) was detected in the Garin Ranch subdivision. It was suspected that the infestation resulted from nursery-raised landscaping plants, which were transported to the neighborhood. The GWSS is a serious new pest in California. It can feed on over 70 species of crop and ornamental plants. It poses a threat to vineyards due to its ability to spread Pierce’s disease in grapes. The sharpshooter can also carry diseases to almond, alfalfa, oleander and citrus crops. Consequently, it can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses for commercial agricultural growers and destroy landscaping on private and public property.

On October 17, 2000 the County Board of Supervisors passed an emergency resolution declaring the GWSS to be a public nuisance subject to abatement by the County Agricultural Commissioner. An eradication program was initiated in late October after two informational meetings were held in the Council Chambers. Garin Ranch residents have received flyers about the meetings and the eradication effort. A key component of eradication is the ground application of the insecticide carbaryl on trees and shrubs on private property. Carbaryl is a chemical useful against a wide variety of insect pests. It has been used since the late 1950s to protect fruits, vegetables, nuts, landscapes, pets, livestock and urbanized areas from common insect pests. Products containing carbaryl are sold in nursery and garden supply stores under a variety of product names.

The application of pesticides in residential settings is an activity that always generates a broad range of public concerns. The Contra Costa County Department of Agriculture (CCCDA) has established an bilingual informational telephone line to answer questions about the 

eradication effort and worked closely with the neighborhood to keep residents informed throughout the process. Upcoming steps in the eradication process involve monitoring of the infestation area and additional carbaryl applications as necessary to eradicate the GWSS pest. Attached is a copy of the latest letter from CCCDA to Garin Ranch residents informing them of upcoming GWSS eradication activities.

Contra Costa County Agricultural Commissioner Ed Meyer will be available at the Council Meeting to share additional information about the GWSS eradication process and answer specific Council questions.




WHEREAS, an infestation of the Glassy-winged Sharpshooter (GWSS) has been discovered in the City Brentwood resulting from the importation of landscaping materials for a local residential subdivision;

WHEREAS, the Contra Costa County Department of Agriculture is the lead agency which has been designated by the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors as the local public entity to coordinate the GWSS eradication program activities throughout the county;

WHEREAS, agriculture is a historically and economically important component of the City of Brentwood;

WHEREAS, the City’s General Plan includes policies calling for the preservation of productive agricultural lands in Brentwood’s Planning Area and calls for the City to cooperate with Contra Costa County to support agriculture;

WHEREAS, the City has adopted a Right To Farm Ordinance to help protect the viability of existing agricultural operations as non-agricultural land uses extend into or are adjacent to agricultural areas;

WHEREAS, the GWSS feeds on over 70 species of crop and ornamental plants, spreads the bacterium responsible for the incurable Pierce’s disease in grapes, and carries numerous damaging diseases, which harm a wide range of agricultural crops;

WHEREAS, in order to effectively eradicate the pest, it is necessary to apply insecticides to trees and shrubs within the City;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the City Council of the City of Brentwood
hereby expresses its support for the GWSS eradication effort and declares its willingness to fully cooperate with the Contra Costa County Agriculture Department to eliminate the GWSS infestation within the City. 

PASSED, APPROVED AND ADOPTED by the City Council of the City of Brentwood at a regular meeting held March 13, 2001 by the following vote:


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