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Meeting Date: February 27, 2001 

Subject/Title: Consideration of Park and Recreation Commission recommendation concerning the award of the bid for the Brentwood Skate Track, CIP No. 522-5213 

Submitted by: Craig D. Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation
Janet Hansen, Park Planner

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Park and Recreation staff is meeting with the Park and Recreation Commission and the Skate Park Task Force at the Commissionís Regular Meeting on Thursday, February 22, 2001, to review options and forward a recommendation to Council. 

The Council Park and Recreation sub-committee held a community meeting on September 16, 1999, to discuss the possibility of building a skate park in Brentwood. The City Council passed Resolution No. 99-225 on October 12, 1999, amending the 1999-2004 Capital Improvement Program to include construction of a skate park in Brentwood (CIP #No. 522-5213) and directing the parks and recreation director to return to City Council for the award of the construction contract. The Park and Recreation Commission and Youth Commission held a joint special meeting on October 18, 1999, to consider forming a task force for the development of a skate park. The City Council approved the establishment of a Skate Park Task Force on October 26, 1999. The City Council authorized the City Manager to execute a professional services agreement with Land Image on January 11, 2000, for the design of the City of Brentwood Skate Park. On April 11, 2000, City Council approved the Park and Recreation Commission recommendation to approve the Brentwood Skate Park preliminary site master plan and related budget (CIP Project #522-5213). On September 26, 2000, City Council directed staff to have one additional community meeting and then put the project out to bid.

A final community Skate Park meeting was held on November 13, 2000. As a result of that meeting the Skate Track construction documents were completed and the project was put out to bid on January 22, 2001.

At the bid opening on February 20, 2001, a total of three (3) bids were received. 

The three bids were: Base Bid Alternates Total Project Bid

1. A.J. Vasconi General Engineering $668,650.50 $69,215.00 $737,865.50
2. Diede Construction, Inc. $784,583.47 $63,306.47 $847,889.94
3. Altman General Engineering $839,114.80 $52,204.00 $891,318.80

Project Budget: 
Legal $ 5,000
Construction $517,000
Project Admin. $ 52,000

Total $574,667

Staff will be presenting a number of options to the Park and Recreation Commission at their meeting on February 22, 2001. Staff will then forward the Park and Recreation Commissionís recommendation to City Council for consideration at the February 27, 2001 City Council meeting. 

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