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Meeting Date: February 27, 2001

Subject/Title: Approve Redevelopment/Economic Development Analyst Classification

Submitted by: Patti Standley, Human Resources Manager

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Adopt a Resolution approving the Redevelopment/Economic Development Analyst classification and compensation. 

The adopted Classification/Compensation Study established the Neighborhood Preservation Specialist classification and compensation.

The Neighborhood Preservation Specialist classification was vacated July 2000, when the incumbent resigned. This position has remained unfilled and existing staff has absorbed much of the work to date. 

In response to the redevelopment and economic development issues currently before the City Council and Redevelopment Agency, staff recommends replacing the Neighborhood Preservation Specialist position with a classification focused on growth issues. The Redevelopment/Economic Development Analyst classification, as defined, will perform duties in support of the Redevelopment Agency and provide assistance to the Economic Development Manager. Further, this classification will be the in-house technical expert for programs like Infrastructure Bank Loans, HCD Grants and Interregional Partnership Associations. An in-house resource with these technical abilities will enable the Agency to reduce consulting fees.

Staff recommends a salary range of $62,640 - $76,140 annually. The salary is based on a survey of related classifications at the Analyst and Manager level that exist at some of the survey cities. The survey includes two position levels because the classification that is proposed is a combination of duties at the Analyst and Manager level. The list of survey cities was established by the adopted Classification/Compensation Study. Funds are available in the 2000/01 City of Brentwood budget. 

The Personnel Sub-committee has reviewed the above recommendation and presents the classification and salary range to the City Council for review and approval.



WHEREAS, the City Council Personnel Subcommittee has reviewed staff’s recommendation to replace the Neighborhood Preservation Specialist classification with a classification focused on Redevelopment and Economic Development issues currently before the City of Brentwood, and,

WHEREAS, the proposed Redevelopment/Economic Analyst classification will function as the in-house technical expert for redevelopment financing programs, thus reducing the City’s exposure to consultant fees, and,

WHEREAS, staff recommends establishing a salary range of $62,640 - $76,140 annually based on similar classifications that exist at several of Brentwood’s adopted list of survey cities, and,

WHEREAS, funds are available to provide for salary and benefits in the 2000/01 City of Brentwood budget.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED the City Council of the City of Brentwood adopts the classification description for Redevelopment/Economic Development Analyst and the salary range as proposed above.

PASSED, APPROVED AND ADOPTED by the City Council of the City of Brentwood at a regular meeting held on February 27, 2000 by the following vote:




Class specifications are only intended to present a descriptive summary of the range of duties and responsibilities associated with specified positions. Therefore, specifications may not include all duties performed by individuals within a classification. In addition, specifications are intended to outline the minimum qualifications necessary for entry into the class and do not necessarily convey the qualifications of incumbents within the position.


Under general direction, performs a wide variety of complex and highly responsible, professional work involving programs, projects, and activities related to the implementation and administration of the City’s redevelopment and economic development programs; serves as staff liaison to various local organizations and the public on redevelopment and assigned economic development related matters; performs other related duties as required.


The Redevelopment/Economic Development Analyst is the advanced journey-level classification that performs complex work with an emphasis on redevelopment. This class also provides assistance relative to economic development. Further, this class assists with the formulation and processing of the City’s redevelopment plans and policies, redevelopment plan amendments, development agreements and owner participation agreements, grant applications, and environmental assessments/impact reports. This classification is distinguished from the Economic Development Manager who is charged with responsibility for Economic Development programs and from the City Manager who serves as Executive Director of the Redevelopment Agency.


Receives direction from the Economic Development Manager and/or the City Manager. May exercise technical and functional supervision over office support staff.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: (include but are not limited to the following)

· Plans, organizes, and administers complex redevelopment, economic development, Community Development Block Grant programs, and neighborhood development projects, programs, and activities including public works improvements, financing and land development entitlements if necessary. 

· Performs difficult and complex assignments such as establishing new redevelopment project areas, amending existing redevelopment project areas, negotiating owner participation agreements and disposition and development agreements, managing high profile projects and programs, assists with the acquisition and disposal of real property, as well as other special projects.

· Identifies appropriate redevelopment/economic development assistance needed by the private sector including marketing, business establishment/promotion, and financial assistance.

· Develops, monitors and manages redevelopment project budgets including monitoring and tracking funds, increment sharing agreements, and agency payments to participants.

· Conducts financial analysis of redevelopment projects including: costs to project proponent, the Redevelopment Agency, and revenue projections related to tax increment and generation of sales tax.

· Coordinates planning and implementation of redevelopment projects, including acquisition of property, financing and monitoring status of engineering work and planning processes such as zone changes and façade upgrades.

· Prepares reports regarding redevelopment and economic development projects and makes public presentations to the City Council, Planning Commission, Redevelopment Agency, and redevelopment project committees/citizen advisory committees and outside agencies.

· Participates in the development and implementation of revitalization policies and procedures; recommends changes to the revitalization process and long-term goals.

· Coordinates redevelopment and economic development activities with other City functions including finance, engineering, building inspection, planning, neighborhood preservation, and community development.

· Prepares media publications, designs forms, brochures and other information packages on computer graphic programs including the development of marketing strategies for City economic programs.

· Establishes positive working relationships with representatives of community organizations, state/local agencies and associations, City management and staff and the public.


Position requires prolonged sitting, standing, and walking in the performance of daily office activities. The position also requires grasping, repetitive hand movement and fine coordination in preparing statistical reports and data using a computer keyboard. Additionally, the position requires near and far vision in reading correspondence, statistical data and using the computer, and acute hearing is required when providing phone and personal service. The need to lift, drag and push files, paper and documents weighing up to 25 pounds also is required. Visits to existing and potential businesses and to proposed development or redevelopment sites, frequent attendance at meetings, including many that are conducted on weekends or during the evenings are required. In addition to above requirements, stamina associated with attendance at evening meetings following a normal workday is required.

Some of these requirements may be accommodated for otherwise qualified individuals requiring and requesting such accommodations.

QUALIFICATIONS: (The following are minimal qualifications necessary for entry into the classification)

Education and/or Experience:

Any combination of education and experience that has provided the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for a Redevelopment Analyst. A typical way of obtaining the required qualifications is to possess the equivalent of three years of responsible relevant professional experience in economic or redevelopment project management, or a related area performing duties such as program development, administration, project and program evaluation and monitoring, financing, property acquisition, small business loan packaging, or capital improvement. Typical education would include a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college, university, or equivalent with major course work in Public or Business Administration, Economics, Urban Planning or a related field. 


Possession of, or the ability to obtain, a valid class C California driver’s license.

KNOWLEDGE/ABILITIES/SKILLS (The following are a representative sample of the KAS’s necessary to perform essential duties of the position) 

Knowledge of:

California Community Redevelopment law, local, state and federal legislation on economic development programs; financing techniques for economic development projects, Federal and State grant programs, including the Community Development Block Grant program; planning, public relations, negotiations, and business principles; research methods; statistical analysis; public administration policies and procedures; structure and organization of public sector agencies; principles and practices of budget development and implementation; modern office practices, methods and equipment, including a computer and applicable software.

Ability to:

Perform research and analysis related to economic development or redevelopment; to effectively apply the principles of economic development and redevelopment to projects and programs; to operate within budget allocations; analyze administrative, operational and organizational problems; evaluate alternatives and reach sound conclusions; consult effectively with management and staff; serve as a liaison between various public agencies; prepare complete and comprehensive funding applications; make effective presentations; prepare clear and concise administrative documents and reports; apply applicable laws, codes and regulations; communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing; establish and maintain effective working relationships. 

Skill to:

Operate an office computer and a variety of word processing, spreadsheet, desktop publishing and software applications.

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