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Meeting Date: February 13, 2001

Subject/Title: Status of City Grant Activities

Submitted by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager



The Council at its December 12, 2000, meeting asked for a status of our City grant activities over the past year. Karen Wahl has done a remarkable job, considering the City started from scratch with this effort back in June 1999. 

Funds received since January, 2000 $2,000,662

In addition: Funds awarded but not yet disbursed to City of Brentwood $4,669,955

Total effort to date $6,670,617



DATE: December 19, 2000

TO: Jon Elam, City Manager

FROM: Karen Wahl, Grant Coordinator

SUBJECT: Request for Information Regarding Trails Funding from Councilmember Steve Young

The following is a breakdown of funding applied for and/or received for trails/bike lanes of this date. Several of the projects pre-date 1988 but were not followed up with required procedures to recoup the City’s reimbursement until I unofficially began this assignment in 1999 (officially in 2000). 

1. Bike Lane Account - McClarren Bike Lane $36,131.75
Funds Received August 2000

2. TDA Funding -Marsh Creek Trail Undercrossing $25,000
Funds Received 11/20/00

2. Proposition 116 Bike Funds - 1997 
Griffith Bike Lanes; bike racks and striping various locations $109,000
(I requested and received a one year extension for this project to 6/01 from the California Transportation Commission; the traffic engineer indicates that final design is in progress)

Other applications made in 1999 but not awarded funds at this time:

· CCTA TEA funds $250,000
*Marsh Creek Bridge Connection to New Deer Creek Trail
· CCTA TEA funds $250,000
*Deer Creek Trail Connection

Applications were submitted for the Community Based Transportation Planning Grant for a study of how best to increase pedestrian and bike access to the downtown and for the Transportation for Livable Communities (TLC) planning program. We should receive notification at the end of December of our status regarding award.

When the Trails Master Plan is adopted in the spring we will be eligible to apply for the Safe Routes to School grant program, Transportation Development Act (TDA) Article 3 funds for pedestrian and bicycle projects, the Bicycle Transportation Account funds, and the California Department of Parks and Recreation Recreational Trails Program. The Master Plan will provide needed information with which to complete the applications; the opportunities for grant funding for trails are many but we need well-thought out plans for projects in addition to the concept before application can be made. 

§ Safe Routes to School
The Safe Routes to School program requires that we develop a broad-based community coalition and conduct a community assessment, among other criteria. The Trails Master Plan will accomplish both those requirements as part of the public process. The required environmental impact documentation will also be completed as a part of the Trails Master Plan process. The Safe Routes to School guidelines and application form should be released by late December and are due April 2, 2001. If the Trails Master Plan is adopted and preliminary engineering estimates are completed for possible school routes, it is possible that I can make application to this program although timing will make it difficult to complete the application and obtain all the necessary documentation and support letters. 

§ TDA Article 3 funds
The TDA Article 3 funds are available to agencies with a Bicycle Advisory Committee having an adopted comprehensive bikeway plan according to the guidelines set forth in the Streets and Highways Code, Section 891.2 (attached). TDA Article 3 funds are generally open for application in Mid-November with applications due the end of December. The Parks and Recreation Department is in the process of developing and updating the Brentwood Bicycle Transportation Plan, first adopted in 1995. The plan must be current and environmental impact documentation must be complete in order to apply for funding. The application documents we received did not indicate a minimum match requirement but in general, a larger local match will move the project up on the priority list for funding. 

§ Bicycle Transportation Account (BTA)
The Bicycle Transportation Account (BTA) funds also requires a Bicycle Transportation Plan adopted after July 1, 1997 and reviewed and approved by both the local Congestion Management Agency (CCTA) and the Caltrans Bicycle Facilities Unit. For fiscal year 2000/01, local agencies were eligible to receive up to $375,000 from the BTA with a 10% match requirement. Applications for this program are due the end of December each year; this year the date is December 31, 2000.

§ State Department of Parks and Recreation Recreational Trails Program
The State Department of Parks and Recreation Recreational Trails Program will have approximately $3.5 million available statewide each fiscal year through 2003. Of that amount, 70% will be available for non-motorized projects. There is a 20% local match required for this program. All projects must comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the National Historic Preservation Act and any required permits must be attached to the application. Again, once the Trails Master Plan is adopted setting trail priorities and we have preliminary engineer’s estimates for the trails and connections we will be in a position to apply for these funds. 

Attached to this memo is a breakdown of funding received from the beginning of calendar year 2000 for all grants.

June, 1999 through December, 2000

Funds received from Jan 1, 2000 to date:
State and Local Transportation Partnership Program (This program no longer exists.)
Balfour Road at Highway 4 - Widening and Signal Modification $ 82,160
Balfour Road Widening from Walnut Blvd. to Fairview Avenue 367,343
Brentwood Blvd. at Grant Street - Widening and Signalization 19,335
Brentwood Blvd. at Lone Tree Way - Widening and Signalization 148,418
Brentwood Blvd. Widening from Sand Creek Road to Sunset Road 79,557
Construct Fairview Avenue from Balfour Road 1,250’ south 132,761
Fairview Avenue Widening from Central Blvd. to Sand Creek Road 214,397
Construct Fairview Avenue from 1,250’ south of Balfour to 2,500’ south 176,788
Central Blvd. at Minnesota Ave. Signal Modification 30,027
1997 PMP 47,508
1998 PMP 63,286
1999 PMP 99,706

§ 1995/96 Bike Lane Account - McClarren Bike Lane $36,131.75
Awarded Jan. 10, 1997; Project completed April, 1998; Invoice for reimbursement July 10, 2000; Funds received August 17, 2000

§ Local Street Maintenance & Improvement Funds (Measure C) (calendar year 1998) 
§ $208,946
Checklist completed and adopted May, 2000; Funds received July, 2000

§ Local Street Maintenance & Improvement Funds (Measure C) (calendar year 1999)
§ $244,298
Checklist completed and adopted September, 2000; Funds received December, 2000

12. TDA Funding -Marsh Creek Trail Undercrossing $25,000
Project completed August, 2000; Funds received November, 2000 

13. Great Valley 2000 LEGACI Grant - Agricultural Enterprise Program $25,000
Awarded May, 2000; Funds received June, 2000

14. MTC TETAP (Traffic Engineering Technical Assistance Program) grant 
Not funded with cash - consultant services $10,000 value
Requested traffic calming study for residential neighborhoods - Whitlock & Weinberger Transportation, Inc. (consultant services)
Awarded January 2000


Documentation was submitted to Caltrans for reimbursement approval for three additional SLTPP projects:
Sycamore Avenue Widening - Highway 4 to Sycamore Court $ 65,832
Walnut Blvd. Widening and Realignment - Dainty Avenue to Central Blvd. 130,895
Griffith Lane Construction - McClarren Road to Balfour Road 67,853
Grant Funding Awarded for Future Projects
1. ISTEA - Brentwood Boulevard Widening $1,200,000
(Awarded in 1996, Authorization to proceed requested in 1999)

2. ISTEA - Walnut Boulevard Widening $1,300,000
(Awarded in 1996, Authorization to proceed requested in 1999)

3. Surface Transportation Program and Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (STP-CMAQ) Highway 4 Curve Correction (Safeway corner) $470,000
Awarded July, 2000; Authorization to proceed with preliminary engineering received August 31, 2000

4. Caltrans Hazard Elimination Safety Program - Highway 4 Curve Correction (Safeway corner) $450,000
Awarded July, 2000

5. STP-CMAQ - Lone Tree Way Overlay and Improvements $276,000
Awarded July, 2000; Authorization to proceed with preliminary engineering received August 31, 2000

6. STP-CMAQ - Highway 4 Reconstruction - Lone Tree Way to Grant Street $309,750
Awarded July, 1999; Authorization to proceed with preliminary engineering received August 31, 2000

7. Clean Air & Transportation Improvement Act of 1990 (Proposition 116) Bike Funds - 1997 
Bike lanes on McClarren Road and First Street; installation of bike racks various locations
Awarded March 1997;Project did not continue beyond bike lanes on McClarren. Grant was to expire June 30, 2000; requested and received a one-year extension to June, 2001 from California Transportation Commission and authority to change limits for bike lanes to Griffith Lane and First Streets - Traffic Engineer has advised that design is in progress.

8. State Coastal Conservancy - Marsh Creek/Griffith Habitat Enhancement $63,000
Awarded April, 2000

9. Community Development Block Grant - Utility Connection Assistance $146,750
Grant awarded 1999 to Community Development Department - transferred to Grant Coordinator

10. Community Development Block Grant - Village Drive Street Lighting $56,000
Grant awarded 1998 to Community Development Department - transferred to Grant Coordinator

11. Community Development Block Grant - Orchard Drive Infrastructure $25,000
Grant awarded 1999 to Community Development Department - transferred to Grant Coordinator


Pending notification of award:

1. CALFED Ecosystem Restoration Program - Acquisition of Griffith parcel $350,000
Cosponsor of Proposal submitted May, 2000; Ecosystem Roundtable has recommended funding

2. Housing and Community Development Code Enforcement Incentive Program $457,227
Proposal submitted December, 2000


Future funding will be available from Propositions 12 and 13. At this time, the application guidelines are still being developed for Proposition 12 (Park Bond) funds. Staff from the State Department of Parks and Recreation indicated that the guidelines could be ready in late spring. Proposition 13 funds are available for the Watershed Protection Program and the Nonpoint Source control Program. Proposals for the first release of bond funds are due to the State Water Resources Control Board February 1, 2001. Presenters at the public workshop held December 8, 2000 indicated that It is not likely that one person can complete the lengthy and complicated proposals necessary for this program in that time frame. The next release of funds for this program is scheduled for May, 2001. That may provide enough time if we have well defined projects for which to request funding.

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