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Meeting Date: February 13, 2001

Subject/Title: Charles Pringle, 2800 Anderson Lane, Brentwood

Submitted by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Consideration of application for out of the area (not in the City limits) agreement to extend City water and sewer service as requested by the owner of the parcel located at Anderson Lane (APN 018-090-021).

The City Council rejected the application to annex this parcel at its January 9, 2001 meeting.

Mr. Charles Pringle has requested City Council consideration to extend City water and sewer service to allow for the subdivision of four one acre parcel of land owned by Mr. Joe Hernandez.

While the City Council in the past has approved this type of agreement, it has always been for property immediately ready to annex to the City and for properties that have failed water or sewer systems.

This is not the case with this application. Mr. Pringle has signed and submitted the attached agreement.

Council direction to staff is requested.

Attachment: Council Staff Report Dated January 9, 2001 and Agreement for Sewer & Water

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