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Meeting Date: January 23, 2000

Subject/Title: Selection of Architect for Police Facility

Submitted by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Authorize the City Attorney to prepare an agreement with EKONA Architecture and Planning for design services of a new police facility, at a cost not to exceed $157,000, for the City Manager’s signature. (J. Elam)


On August 22, 2000 the City Council authorized the City Manager to begin the process to secure an architect to develop a space needs analysis, conceptual drawings and cost plans for a new police facility.

Following the Council’s action, in October City staff developed an R.F.Q. (Request For Qualifications) for architectural services to undertake the design of a police facility for the city. This R.F.Q. was sent out to 67 firms in the Bay Area and that are in the local area and are on the California League of Cities list. An ad was place in the Daily Pacific Builder (a publication highly used by the industry to locate projects. From that list 15 responses were received.

A committee made of representatives from the Council, Police and Fire Subcommittee was formed (Pete Petrovich and Wade Gomes) along with Jim Dotts, Chair of the Neighborhood Committee, Michael Kerchner from the Planning Commission, Sgt. Kevin King and Police Chief Larry Shaw. They reviewed the applications and screened the list of firms down to 5. The five firms were interviewed on December13, 2000 and from that EKONA was selected as the top firm.

Subsequently, a background of calls have been made on the firm and on January 11, 2000 a field trip was setup for the subcommittee, by the firm, to visit police projects the firm worked on in Turlock and Concord. This also gave the committee a chance to spend a good deal of one on one time with John Hunter, the potential project manager for EKONA.

EKONA has undertaken a number of police facilities in California including recently Santa Clara, Culver City, Concord and Turlock. It was this experience, and a particularly good feeling that they could address in a very practical way the needs of Brentwood.

A copy and background piece on EKONA is attached

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