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Meeting Date: November 28, 2000 

Subject/Title: Janitorial Paper Supply 

Submitted by: Mike Merizon 

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Approve the contract with Cole Supply Company to supply the City of Brentwood with janitorial paper and supplies. This contract can save the City of Brentwood $35,000 per year.

The janitorial company supplied the paper and supplies. 3 companies supplied prices. Cole Supply had the lowest price. See attached spread sheet.



Submit Insurance Certificates and Invoices to: City of Brentwood 150 City Park Way, Brentwood, CA 94513. 

Date: November 28, 2000

Contract No.

Contractor: Cole Supply Company

City of Brentwood, herein called “City”, and the above-named contractor, hereby agree as follows:

1. Contractor shall, at its own expense and assuming all risks in any way connected therewith, perform the following described work, and shall furnish all labor, equipment, and materials required therefor: 

2. Contractor shall commence performance hereof when directed by City representative, and shall complete the same within ten (10) calendar days.

3. All drawings, papers or specifications annexed or referred to herein and the general conditions on the reverse side shall be deemed a part hereof.

4. As full consideration for performance hereof, City will pay Contractor the following amount which shall be inclusive of all taxes incurred in performance hereof: $ 2378.00/mo . Payment(s) to the Contractor shall be Net 30 days, after receipt of acceptable invoice and acceptance of work.

5. Notwithstanding Section 2 above, City may terminate this contract with or without cause upon three (3) days written notice to the Contractor. Upon such termination, City shall owe to Contractor the pro-rated amount of the sum total identified in Section five (5) which corresponds to the Contractor’s performance to the date of termination.

Executed this 28th day of November 2000.

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