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Meeting Date: November 14, 2000

Subject/Title: Village Drive Resource Center

Submitted by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Approve the addition of the position of Village Drive Program Coordinator to the City’s personnel 2000/01 budget, effective December 1, 2000. Funds to come from the City’s contingency fund.


The Village Drive Resource Center has been strongly supported by the City since 1995. Using funding from grants and the General Fund the Center has been physically maintained and operated by the City in partnership with Delta 2000. That partnership has now drawn to a conclusion with funding running out and the need for the City to expand its support services to the Village Drive community.

This action would bring the Center Director, Olivia Ruiz, into the Park and Recreation Department, similar to what occurred at Delta Community Services. That position was classified as a Recreation Program Specialist.

The City has made a exceptional investment in the young people of the community with facilities at Bristow School, Edna Hill and the Liberty Gym. This will provide a full range of recreational, cultural, and community programming opportunities. There is still a need for support of programs like C.L.A.R.O., Village Drive, and the One Day at a Time, which is a gang diversion program. 

This action will be a strong commitment on the part of the City to provide fiscal stability to these community programs, but also resources that can serve to match a range of outside grants. One of the first opportunities is coordination that can come out of this and a partnership with the schools to support tutorial efforts. Staff has met on this and they are working to help build a new integrated community partnership for Village Drive. 

This request is brought by Chief Shaw, myself and a delegation of local residents who serve as advisory members to the program.

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