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Meeting Date: November 14, 2000

Subject/Title: Authorize the CM to enter an agreement for the purchase of asset and maintenance management software and services

Prepared by: Thom Head, Director of Public Works

Approved by: City Manager

Approve a resolution authorizing the City Manager to enter into a license agreement with Cayenta Corporation to acquire an enterprise asset management/computerized maintenance management system (EAM/CMMS) and related services for a sum not to exceed $91,725.00, plus $10,000 contingency.

The 2000-01 municipal budget includes funding to acquire an EAM/CMMS.

In an atmosphere of increased reporting and regulatory requirements combined with rapid infrastructure growth, the City requires better management systems to ensure protection of asset values, increased productivity and cost control, enhanced customer service and compliance with regulatory demands. To help the City meet these challenges, staff recommends the purchase of Cayenta’s Mainsaver EAM/CMMS.
Mainsaver is an asset-based management system that links work plans, work accomplishments and annual and cumulative costs to specific assets. This CMMS keeps City maintenance forces focused on extending the life and maintaining the value of City assets (streets, water system, storm and waste sewer systems) and is a significant element in meeting the requirements of GASB 34 and CMOM. Both impose significant operational and reporting requirements on local governments. GASB 34 requires municipal organizations either to operate maintenance management systems that track costs and report accomplishments by asset or set aside funding for asset depreciation. CMOM, EPA’s proposed new Capacity, Management Operation, and Maintenance regulations, imposes similar requirements for sewer agencies. Sewer agencies must plan, conduct, document and report on an aggressive collection system maintenance program to prevent spills in virtually any circumstance. The Program also will show when replacement rather than repair is a more economical option. This system will help the City anticipate and respond effectively to the maintenance demands of the expanding infrastructure.
Communication with residents will be improved. As a supplement to current methods, residents will be able to report problems on the City’s web site and receive regular updates on work progress. Crews can be assigned work while in the field and report back work accomplishment using a hand held computer. Planned work and actual performance can be reported to citizens on a regular basis. Planned work, and even emergency repairs, that might cause traffic or other disruptions can be displayed on the web page. Downtime and unanticipated outages will be significantly reduced because work will be performed to prevent failures rather than to repair them. Residents will experience increased reliability from City systems over time.
The program will focus efforts on preventative and predictive maintenance to get the maximum effectiveness from the City’s human and material resources. The system will incorporate work procedures and performance measures to ensure that planned outcomes are achieved and costs are controlled. Related work on divergent schedules will be combined to avoid duplication and to take maximum advantage of planned downtime. Work will be planned to minimize travel time and time for part purchases. Because much of the work will be planned, materials can be ordered on a “just in time” basis and in quantities tailored to the job requirements. 
The City's IT Manager investigated Mainsaver and determined that it is an open architecture program and compatible with the City’s current and planned automation systems. Mainsaver will interface with other key City systems: CAD-GIS, SCADA, budgeting, payroll and spread spectrum radio data transfer; these interfaces will increase speed, permit redirection of resources to more productive tasks and squeeze additional value from the City’s existing automation systems.
To initiate the Request for Proposal process, staff identified and contacted 12 CMMS vendors whose products had the basic capabilities for asset management, work planning, productivity measurement and cost capture. Proposals were solicited by email in late January and returned by early March. Proposals asked each vendor to illustrate technical capacity in significant detail (including compatibility with Brentwood’s existing and planned automation systems), to describe the strengths of the parent company and provide a cost for both the software and continuing support. 
The proposals were rated by the department director, supervisors and by the clerical personnel who would operate the system. The four highest scoring vendors (Cayenta, Datastream Systems, Fluor Global and PSDI) were invited to demonstrate their products to the same group. As a result of the demonstrations, staff further narrowed the field to three and visited organizations that operated the three remaining systems. After the site visits, two finalists were selected: Fluor Global and Cayenta.
Staff began negotiations with both finalists to reduce costs and select the best product to meet the City’s need for long-term asset management; productivity management to help offset growth impact and cost control. Based on those negotiations, staff is recommending Cayenta’s Mainsaver to the Council as the City’s enterprise asset management and computerized maintenance management system.
The Mainsaver EAM/CMMS system by Cayenta is selected because of its open architecture support, compatibility with in-house information systems, complete out-of-the-box software solution, remote communication capability and industry expertise. Secondly, Mainsaver by Cayenta is selected because of the belief that we need a west coast based solutions provider with local representation with 75 miles of the City of Brentwood. Implementing a CMMS is a difficult task and the vendor is relied upon to help meet objectives. Mainsaver has demonstrated that they will be available and accountable for the products and services they provide.
Mainsaver will operate on the existing RF Spread Spectrum network that the City has invested in and implemented. Mainsaver is a solid technology choice because it enhances and supports the current mission of the Information Services Department within the City.
The Mainsaver EAM/CMMS system provides a common linkage between many departments where-by water, sewer, streets, parks, equipment maintenance and purchasing will be using one, seamlessly integrated database for managing the City's assets. Disparate databases and tracking systems infringe on the ability of the City to make effective and efficient management decisions.
Implementation of such systems is important to the success of the overall project. The key to a successful implementation is a solid project plan. Good planning will take into account everything from the software installation and configuration, to the tailored training of the crafts people, end users and system administrators. The project manager provided by Cayenta has performed successful implementations with Central Contra Costa Sanitation District, Delta Diablo Sanitation District, the County of Fresno, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago and the King County Department of Metro Services in Seattle. A solid project plan and industry implementation expertise will allow for the Mainsaver EAM/CMMS software to become a productive business tool for the City of Brentwood.
Reference sites that the city staff interviewed from the selected vendor showed substantial returns on their investment. Documentation of work performed increased by 16%. Asset utilization is improved through better work planning. A referenced site showed the ratio of preventive maintenance to total work completed went from 38% to 61% in one year. Repair and emergency work decreased over 20%. Based on the accountability these systems provide, labor productivity showed dramatic increases. The same site saw their repair hours per job decrease by 6.6 hrs/job and preventive maintenance hours per job decrease by .78 hrs/job. Overall, documented savings for a referenced site were in excess of $800,000 per annum. Intangible benefits include less stress for personnel due to a more proactive asset management program. Through better historical record keeping, budgeting and workload forecasting became less time consuming and more accurate.



WHEREAS, the City of Brentwood desires to maximize the value and usability of its infrastructure to the benefit of the public, and

WHEREAS, the City requires state of the art management systems to ensure the maximum protection of asset values, increased productivity and cost control, enhanced customer service and compliance to regulatory demands, and

WHEREAS, staff identified and contacted 12 CMMS vendors whose products had the basic capabilities for asset management, work planning, productivity measurement and cost capture, and

WHEREAS, through an extensive proposal evaluation and negotiation process, the product identified as the most capable of meeting the City's needs was Mainsaver by Cayenta, and

WHEREAS, Mainsaver by Cayenta, is an asset-based management system that links work plans, work accomplishments and annual and cumulative costs to specific assets, and 

WHEREAS, this CMMS will keep City maintenance efforts focused on extending the life and maintaining the value of City assets including; streets, parks and landscape, equipment fleet, water system, storm and waste sewer systems.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the City Council of the City of Brentwood authorizes the City Manager to enter an agreement with Cayenta for the purchase of computerized maintenance management software and services for a sum of $91,750, plus a contingency of $10,000, for a sum not to exceed $101,750.

PASSED, APPROVED AND ADOPTED by the City Council of the City of Brentwood at a regular meeting held on the 14th day of November 2000 by the following vote:

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