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Meeting Date: November 14, 2000

Subject/Title: Use of Funds for Assembly Bill 2928 Traffic Congestion Relief

Submitted by: Finance Department (P Ehler)

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Authorize staff to transfer AB 2928 funds for following projects:

ü $110,00 on the Central and Griffith Signal, to relieve congestion that requires Police every morning.
ü $20,000 to interconnect the Central/Griffith Signal to the Central and Minnesota Signal, therefore platooning the traffic to allow ingress and egress from Deer Creek.
ü $35,000 towards the reconstruction, restriping, and adjustment of curbs and sidewalks on Second Street, in front of the school and City Park. This could relieve traffic congestion and improve parking. $35,000 isn’t enough to do this job but it could go with some pavement management money to accomplish the goal.


In October 2000 we received $164,580 for Assembly Bill 2928, Traffic Congestion Relief. These funds must be used only for street and highway pavement maintenance, rehabilitation, and reconstruction of necessary associated facilities such as drainage and traffic control devices. Rehabilitation or reconstruction may include widening to bring the roadway width to the desirable minimum pavement width consistent with accepted design standards for local streets and roads, but does not include widening for increasing the traffic capacity of a street or road.

AB 2928 requires compliance with MOE (Maintenance of Effort) provision. This new revenue for local streets and roads subventions is to be used for specific maintenance and repair purposes; and imposes an MOE provision, which requires cities to maintain their current level of city general fund expenditures for transportation purposes.

The new law also contains a “Use or lose it” provision, which requires the monies be expended by June 30, 2002. Should a jurisdiction fail to meet these tests, the monies must be returned to the State Controller and redistributed to compliant jurisdictions.

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