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Meeting Date: October 10, 2000

Subject/Title: Design Change Order for Sand Creek Road (Central),
CIP Project No. 336-3061

Submitted by: John Stevenson/S. Gronlund

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Authorize the City Manager to execute a Design Contract Change Order with Carlson, Barbee & Gibson, Inc. (CBG) in an amount not to exceed $51,268 for the Sand Creek Road (Central), CIP Project No. 336-3061.

On October 12, 1999 by Resolution No. 99-227, the Council authorized the City Engineer to sign a professional engineering design contract with Carlson, Barbee & Gibson, Inc. for $390,500 for the design of Sand Creek - Central (Fairview Avenue east to Union Pacific Railroad Tracks).

The original scope of work for the design of Sand Creek - Central (Fairview Avenue east to Union Pacific Railroad Tracks) included designing the ultimate improvements within 140' Right of Way. These improvements would include the extension of the existing box culvert in Sand Creek at Fairview Avenue; a traffic signal at the new Sand Creek Road/Fairview Avenue Intersection; design of utilities: sewer, storm drain, water, and non-potable waterline; additional improvements such as street lights and a 10' pedestrian trail. The engineers were also required to phase the design work so that the ultimate road could be constructed within two projects.

During the course of design, the City requested additional services from Carlson, Barbee & Gibson, Inc. (CBG) such as the addition of a pedestrian undercrossing along the new trail west of the railroad tracks under new Sand Creek Road and a second pedestrian undercrossing at Sand Creek Road east of Fairview Avenue at the future trail along ECCID irrigation easement. However, the second undercrossing at ECCID was designed for, but eventually eliminated due to budget constraints. Instead, the City requested a change order for CBG to design a pedestrian-actuated traffic signal for this at-grade pedestrian crossing instead.

After the original scope was developed, the Engineering Department changed the City's standards for location and type of streetlights for major arterials. Instead of the streetlights placed on the outside of the lanes, behind the sidewalk, the streetlights will be installed in the median. This will save the City in installation and maintenance costs of conduit and electrical wire. 

The City has also requested minor changes to the design of the extension of the box culvert in order to accommodate requests from Contra Costa County Flood Control and California Department of Fish and Game. Additionally, during the design phase of locating existing utilities it was discovered that a Pacific Gas & Electric Gas line is in direct conflict with the proposed box culvert extension. Therefore, CB&G scope of work was extended to include coordination efforts and preparation of exhibits for PG&E.

The City is also proposing to close a portion of the existing "Old" Sand Creek Road that will intersect with the new Fairview Avenue/Sand Creek Road intersection. The City is preparing to convert the existing road into a pedestrian trail, as shown on the attached map. In order to accomplish this request, the City had CBG design a connector road for vehicular traffic from the new Sand Creek Road to the "Old" Sand Creek Road. The total expenditure for the above-mentioned design changes is $51,268. The breakdown of this change order is attached.

CBG has completed the design of the roadway; however, the City is deferring advertisement of these plans for bid until two major project obstacles are completed: 1) Acquisition of all necessary environmental permits from the United States Army Corp and Unites States Fish and Wildlife Service, which is becoming an arduous process, and 2) The relocation of Pacific Gas & Electric services. With due diligence, staff anticipates that these issues will be cleared and the project can go out to bid early Spring 2001.

Additionally, the success of this project depends upon the completion of Sand Creek - East (UPRR tracks east to Sand Creek/O'Hara Loop Roadway). This project has the same environmental permitting issues as well as acquiring the rights for an at-grade railroad crossing. Staff is diligently working to trade an existing at-grade crossing with the County of San Joaquin, which includes the approval from Union Pacific Railroad and the Public Utilities Commission.

Vicinity Map
Carlson, Barbee & Gibson, Inc. Change Order Breakdown
Sand Creek West Map, depicting closure of "Old" Sand Creek Road

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