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Meeting Date: October 10, 2000

Subject/Title: Approve Agreements for Professional Consultant Services with Willdan and Public Affairs Management for planning development and environmental review services.

Submitted by: Mitch Oshinsky, Community Development Director

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Approve the attached Agreements for Professional Consultant Services. 


The workload of large and small planning applications for development and environmental review continues at a high level. Currently there are 25 large commercial and residential projects being processed. Due to the mandates of State law, such as the Subdivision Map Act and California Environmental Quality Act, the process staff must follow in evaluating these projects is complex, involved and very time consuming. While we endeavor to streamline as much as possible, only so much can be done.

One of my planners has been taken off development review duties, also known as “current planning,” so he can devote his time to the other large undertakings we have; the General Plan Update, and Agricultural Enterprise Preservation. This area of planning is known as “advance planning.” Other complex advance planning projects loom down the road, such as a Downtown Specific Plan, Brentwood Blvd. Specific Plan, and Northwest Area Specific Plan. These will also require the services of at least one planner.

Due to the recruitment process, planning is not yet fully staffed. While this will occur in the next few weeks, we have one planner who is leaving, and will be replaced this month. This will result in us having to accommodate a learning curve for the new planners, as they get up to speed. It normally takes about a year to become fully acquainted with all the details of the local planning process. 

In order to help us continue to move projects along during this time of transition, it may be useful to have planning consultants available to take on one or two projects at a time, and work with staff on processing them. There will also be a learning curve for these consultants, but overall they should be able to help, as both are well qualified and have helped other cities.

From a budgetary standpoint, the consultants will be paid from the application fees paid by developers, so there will no impact on Community Development Department budget expenditures. However, there will be some direct impact on revenues, as these application fees which normally go into the Development Services Fund as revenues, will now be channeled to the consultants. This diversion of revenues however, needs to be compared to the larger costs of adding additional staff. 

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