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Meeting Date: September 26, 2000

Subject/Title: Discussion and decision by the City Council to accept $107,985 from State of California under the "Citizens Option for Public Safety" technology program

Submitted by: Larry J. Shaw, Chief of Police

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Accept $107,985 from the State of California COPS program.


In August of 1997 the Governor signed the Budget Act and as part of that, full funding for the Citizen's Option for Public Safety COPS program was allocated to cities. 

The City of Brentwood has received various amounts of money over the years depending on our population.

This year the State Legislature funded each law enforcement jurisdiction a minimum of $100,000 under the State COPS program (AB 3229) and then a per capita amount above that. The amount of money coming to the City of Brentwood is $107,985. The caveat placed on this funding is that the money is to be used for "technology."

Because the funding was not confirmed until just recently, the Police Department made no specific plans for spending the monies. Our tentative plans include, but are not limited to, the following.
1. Upgrading the radio system shared with the City of Antioch dispatch center.
2. Barcode system for the evidence function of the Department. (We are still using a basic system established in the 1940's.)
3. A dedicated police bulletin system to expedite information on lost and missing children, identified and wanted suspects, and any other "hot" information that needs to be communicated right away.
4. Work cooperatively with other Contra Costa County police agencies to upgrade and enhance electronic records keeping.

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