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Meeting Date: September 26, 2000

Subject/Title: Approve a professional services agreement with RRM Design for revision to for Park, Trails, and Recreation Master Plan update.

Submitted by: Craig D. Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Approve revision to professional services agreement with RRM Design for Master Plan update.

On February 8, 2000, the City Council approved a professional services agreement with RRM Design, not to exceed $80,000, for revision of the Park, Trails and Recreation Master Plan.

As a result of council action on February 8, 2000, RRM Design has been working with staff and the community to revise the existing park, trail and recreation master plans. This master plan update is shadowing the General Plan update and was expected to be completed at the same time in October 2000. As you are aware, the General Plan has expanded its scope, both in substance and time. As a result, much of the information from the General Plan update that needs to be incorporated into the Park, Trails and Recreation Master Plan (PTRMP) has not happened as fast as anticipated. It is expected that the final map and population projections will not be adopted for the General Plan before September 27th. This has slowed the PRTMP update process. RRM must wait to make sure we are working on park locations from the same map, and park acreage based on the build out population. As result, the PRTMP is now expected to be completed in late December/early January.

As the process for the PRTMP update has slowed, staff has identified a number of enhancements needed for the original agreement and has also heard from the community that they wish a much more interactive document once it is completed. As a result, staff has asked RRM to provide a proposal on a number of tasks that will improve our update and make it more user friendly in the community. As it is now our hope to be able to provide the master plan for use on the City web page, we need to add in tasks for digital and graphic documentation.

Staff is recommending the following revisions are added to RRM Design's scope of work:

TASK P - Photo Documentation and Inventory of Typical Existing Conditions and Existing Parks

We need to create and document a base line information as to the inventory of our existing conditions in which to measure our future performance. This information will provide an up to the minute inventory of all parks that come on line through the end of the General Plan update.

Cost: $10,200
TASK Q - Document Reformatting

RRM is currently updating and combining a number of city documents, including the Park and Recreation Master Plan, The Creek/Trail Revegatation Master Plan, and the Trails Feasibility Study. Unfortunately, we have discovered that the documents needed do no exist in an electronic format. As a result, instead of just updating the old format, staff is suggesting the PTRMP update be completely revised in a new format that will include text, graphics and maps. This process will complement the final product of the General Plan to increase ease of use.

Cost: $5,000

TASK R - Enhanced Graphics for Final Documents

As we have gone through the update process, we have found that colorized and graphic documents are better received by the community in understanding and providing a base for comments. The original scope only provided line drawings, which was how the old documents were produced. We need an easy to use and understand document that the community will in fact use.. Additionally, as the final update will be our source document for grant applications, it needs to be in presentation quality when needed as an attachment.

Cost: $7,500

TASK S - Summary Brochure

Through the process, many of our citizens have asked if they will receive a copy of the final master plan. Due to the shear size of the document and appendices, staff is recommending a double-sided full color poster brochure be developed. This brochure can be handed out to citizens and will provide a citywide park and trail map, and information related to standards and policies. We need to get the master plan information out in the hands of our citizens so they can understand how the master plan works and our plan for the future.

Cost: $9,000

TASK T - Additional Support/CEQA Review Process

Additional support is necessary for completion of the PTRMP update as staff has requested RRM take the lead related to the CEQA process in final preparation of the master plan.

Cost: $3,000

TASK U - Final Coordination with General Plan Update

At this time, it is unclear how much extra work will be required after the PTRMP update is completed, while we wait for the General Plan to be finalized. Coordination between the two is essential to both and staff requests RRM continued support through the end of the General Plan update.

Cost: $6,500
Reimbursable Expenses

On an as needed basis to $6,000 

Total cost of recommendation: $47,200.

Staff is very excited about the possibilities for access and usability of the Park, Trails and Recreation Master Plan update. Providing access on the web page, in publications, and through presentation boards will help to provide a higher level of education about the master plan and facilities available to the citizens of Brentwood.

The money for this revision in services is available in the approved Park Planning Contractual Services budget, which is specifically provided for projects such as this. Staff recommends City Council approve this revision in service for RRM Design to complete the Park, Trails and Recreation Master Plan update.

Additional consideration:

Task V - Additional Board/Graphics

Staff has reviewed this proposal and is not recommending this revision at this time. Staff will work with RRM as the final document is prepared and determine which, if any, or if additional services may be required, for final presentation of the master plan material. Should City Council determine that this task is acceptable, money is available in the contractual services budget.

Cost: $20,000

Attachment: RRM Proposal

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